30 Reasons Why Printers Should Produce a Newsletter

If I did a survey of all U.S. printing firms, I’ll bet you anything that the majority of them don’t regularly produce a company newsletter for their customers. Talk about a wasted opportunity to shine!

Printers hear “newsletter” and think:

• Too much work.
• Nothing to say.
• Who’d read it?
• Who’s got the time?

I, on the other hand, think:

• Must-do.
• Great prospecting piece.
• Perfect educational tool for customers.
• Tons of ways to use it.
• Easy as pie.

This blog post is for all of you (yes, you) who don’t have a monthly newsletter for customers. Here are just 30 of the reasons I hope will convince you to start one.

1) It’s a way to communicate regularly with customers and prospects.

2) To build your database of prospects.

3) To deliver something analog and digital (post it on your Website once it’s mailed); e-mail it, too.

4) To provided valuable information.

5) To keep your firm top-of-mind.

6) To announce innovative processes, products or technologies.

7) Because you have plenty of valuable content.

8) It’s a professional, acceptable way to engage with customers and prospects.

9) You can include a feedback mechanism to encourage dialogue.

10) By demystifying the manufacturing process, you make working with you more effective and less intimidating.

11) You can include promotional copy, too—but not at the expense of information.

12) You can feature new employees.

13) You can feature customers.

14) You can keep customers ahead of the curve.

15) You can include testimonials from other customers.

16) You can include images of knock-yer-socks-off pieces you’ve produced.

17) You can share news of awards you’ve received.

18) Because your competitors are sending newsletters.

19) You can repurpose content in umpteen ways: in Tweets, on Facebook, on LinkedIn, in your blog, e-mail sales tips, etc.

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  • http://PatrickWhelan Patrick Whelan

    I could not possibly agree more! Great article Margie. Best wishes for the holidays!

  • http://MaryBethSmith Mary Beth Smith

    It amazes me that printers don’t PRINT a newsletter. C’mon – think about it!!! The very thing we want customers to love and we won’t spend the money or time ourselves? What does this say about us?!

    We went back to a print newsletter last year, with Patrick Whelan’s help, and couldn’t be more pleased. It provides a sophisticated, attractive outreach to our customers, as well as repurposed content for web, blog, facebook, twitter, email marketing, and sales collateral.

    This should be a no-brainer for printers – Thanks, Margie!!

  • http://Kelly Kelly

    GREAT work, Margie! And also, remember, you don’t have to do it yourself – there are whole companies out there dedicated to helping you with your sales and marketing messaging! (ahem) and here’s an example of a great one I just found today

  • http://MargieDana Margie Dana

    Thanks, all.

    Yes, print & post online and get permission to email it out, too.

    A newsletter needn’t be huge. I think that’s the part that scares people the most – the sense it has to be long and involved.