10 Terrific Time Truths

When did life get so busy? Why must we Google “free time” in order to recall what it means? And why am on my email at 10.p.m. feeling like a son of anarchy when I should be in a chair watching Sons of Anarchy?

Time management
plays a role in the answer to each of these questions. It is a huge subject, but can be the difference between a sales rep selling $200,000 in printing services or $2 million. Yet time management is cruel and ironic: The more successful you are, the less time you have to become more successful. And there is no finish line. You will never catch up. You will die with a to-do list.

But don’t be bitter. There is help. Here are 10 things truths that will make a difference in your sales efficiency:

1. Time management is a moving target.—Whatever help you get from this blog or any time management program, course or book is temporary. The multiple factors that make up the variables of your life—workload, personal commitments, health, etc—change with each passing day. Your ability to monitor, prioritize, plan and execute a time-management plan must change with it. Reassess on an ongoing basis and adjust accordingly.

2. More successful people work less hours.—Is that crazy or what? Timothy Ferriss wrote a whole book on the subject: “The 4-Hour Workweek.” The secret isn’t really a secret at all. It’s a discipline. Remember, you are not your parents. “9 to 5” is an old (and bad) movie with Dolly Parton and no longer a mandate nor a template. You are in sales for a reason and freedom is a big part of that. Change your thinking.

3. Preparation is 75 percent of the solution.—If you start your workday without a plan, you are already behind. Never end today without having tomorrow planned and you will be ahead of the game.

As a 30 year sales veteran, Bill has the perspective of a been-there, done-that sales rep in the commercial print arena. Following sales fundamentals and giving unapologetically "old school" advice, he writes and speaks in an entertaining fashion to make his points to sales people and owners who sell. "Bill Farquharson will drive your sales momentum."
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  • Tony Blake

    Lovely…..some of the points are really amazing……I really like it…

  • Ken Sepos

    You don’t manage time. Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. What you manage is events. The problem lies confusing urgency and importantance. We can do a lot of urgent tasks and wind up doing nothing important!