MBO America

MBO is the agent for Bograma automatic trim, punch, hole punch, diecutting and perforating machines. BS Multi 750 Servo with servo drive operates at max. speed of 10,500 cph with a max. impact area of 8-1/2 x26-3/4" and can be used off-line or in-line with a folding machine or saddlestitcher. BS Multi @450/750 Servo plus for trimming, punching and diecutting, with max. speed of 12,500 cph. BS ECO @350/550 for knife trimming or punching only. Speed of 9,000 cph. New BSR 550 rotary diecutting machine.

400 Highland Dr.
Mt. Holly (Westampton), NJ 08060
Web Site: www.mboamerica.com
Phone: (609) 267-2900