Longford International

C350/C700 series: High-speed inserter and dispenser fits on most packaging lines and print finishing systems. Thin sheets to multi-folded books dispensed at speeds up to 400/min. Multiple units for collating lines, selective collating software. Can integrate with any wrappers or finishing lines. B855 batch counter: for greeting cards, envelopes and other high-speed, multi-shift applications requiring a batch count. CF100 and CF200-5 greeting card folder: single fold-cut score, flat sizes from 3x4" to 18x18". Speeds up to 100,000 cards/hr. All units microprocessor-controlled. Optional detectors monitor low/empty magazine, product insertion, placement verification or misfeed detection. Encoders for in-line speed variation and timing of inserters can also integrate with barcode or vision verification.

41 Lamont Ave.
Toronto, ON M1S 1A8, Canada
Phone: (416) 298-6622
Toll Free: (888) 298-2900