Smyth Machinery

Smyth Unit in-line gathering and Smyth sewing system: combines bindery operations by utilizing 1 gatherer, 1 Smyth book sewing machine and 1 operator with optional extra delivery stacker or Smyth Nipper/Smasher. Smyth Concept gathering and sewing system combines Smyth gathering machine in-line with 2 or more Smyth book sewing machines. Smyth fully automatic book sewing machines: patented 4D design for variety of signature types. Touchscreen computers, quick changeovers. Several models; speeds to 12,000 cycles/hr. Signature recognition by OCR or camera. Can operate as barcode reader. Smyth computerized book back preparation line: for in-line smashing, tipping of end sheets, gluing and drying, and renipping. 2 spine nippers (up to 32 tons) and 1 overall smasher (up to 48 tons). Speeds to 60 books/min. Smyth computerized casing-in line: for rounding, backing, lining, head banding, casing-in, book forming and pressing. 10 hydraulically operated pressing stations and joint-forming stations. Speeds to 60 books/min. Smyth fully automatic casemaker: designed to manufacture 3-piece and center board cases for short and long runs. Specialty book manufacturing machines available for difficult-to-handle and exceptionally large or small signatures. Digital sewing line is an integrated production system of Smyth sewn books that are digitally printed. Smyth digital sewing line for in-line production of digitally printed books. Processes rollfed and flat sheets from any digital press. Capable of producing hybrid books in any configuration of traditional and digitally produced signatures (roll or flat sheets). Can run separate from digital folder as traditional Smyth book sewing machine, complete with automatic feeder and setups.

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