Eastman Kodak

Digital Plates--Thermal Direct non-process plate: traditional grained and anodized aluminum substrate, compatible with wide range of inks and fountain solutions. Thermal Gold: 1+ million impressions (post-baked)/up to 150,000 unbaked, chemical resistance, good ink/water balance, quick roll up to color, 1-99% at 300 lpi resolution. Electra XD thermal, no-preheat plate: up to 1 million impressions (post-baked)/150,000 unbaked, 1-99% at 200 lpi resolution, fast roll up to color, good ink/water balance. Violet Print: violet laser imaging, 200,000 impressions, rolls up to color quickly, same grained/anodized aluminum substrate as thermal plates. Trillian SP thermal plate: 800-850nm, up to 300 lpi with SQUARESPOT technology, up to 500,000 impressions unbaked, runs on Kodak Magnus 800Z Quantum platesetter with automatic pallet loader and Kodak Intelligent Prepress Manager Software. Violetnews Gold for newspapers: fast imaging, operates at 405nm, up to 200,000 impressions.

Analog Plates--Craftsman Elite: single-sided plate, 250,000 impressions. Duplex Elite: 125,000 impressions. EasyPrint: general use plate for web and sheetfed presses. Vitesse: negative, fast exposing plate for projection systems. Kodak Winner: negative plates, compatible with UV-curable inks, long run durability.

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