Presstek Inc.

Presstek CTP Plates

Aeon high-resolution non-preheat thermal CTP plate: up to 200,000 impressions without baking or 1 million impressions post-baking, 830nm. Anthem Pro chemistry-free thermal metal plate: daylight safe, up to 100,000 impressions, sizes to 32x44", image then rinse with water--no gumming or chemical processing. Freedom Pro chemistry-free thermal metal plates: cleaned with water in Vector FL52's integrated plate washer, no baking or gumming, up to 25,000 impressions. Aurora Pro chemistry-free plate: for traditional thermal CTP devices, water rinse, 1-99% at 200 lpi (or FM screening) resolution, up to 25,000 impressions. ProFire digital media: for Presstek ProFire Excel enabled DI presses from Presstek, Ryobi, Kodak and KBA; supports 16 micron spot, 300 line screen and stochastic (FM) screening; up to 20,000 impressions. PearlDry Plus: waterless offset applications; daylight-safe; chemistry-free imaging of 0.18mm, 0.22mm or 0.30mm metal plates in sizes to 42x51"; DI version optimized for the Heidelberg Quickmaster DI series, Ryobi 3404 DI and KBA 46 Karat DI presses. ABDick brand includes laser toner, silver paper and polyester plates, as well as inkjet technologies. Plates in 6, 8 or 12 gauge in most sizes. ABDick MEGA resin-coated, paper-based plates for copydot up to 175-line screen tints and halftones and up to 10,000 impressions. MEGA PLUS, with opaque polyester film base, supports up to 25,000 impressions. MEGA PRO digital plates can be imaged in ABDick Digital PlateMaster platesetters.

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