Heidelberg Suprasetter

Suprasetter A52 (20.86x25.82", up to 27 plates/hr.) and A75 (25.82x29.92", up to 22 plates/hr.) external-drum platesetters: 2- and 4-up, options include internal punching and single- and dual-cassette automation (also field upgradable). Suprasetter 105 8-up thermal, external-drum platesetters: formats to 36.6x44.9"; options include internal punching, single- or multi-cassette (600 plates with slip sheet removal) loading and speeds of 15, 21, 27, 33 or 38 plates/hr. (all upgradeable in the field); on-demand plate function enables press operator to request plate remakes from press console. Suprasetter VLF thermal external drum platesetters: Suprasetter 145 (56.1x57.5"), Suprasetter 162 (56.1x64.2") and Suprasetter 190 (56.1x75.4"); base models output 15 plates/hr. with Suprasetter 145 and 162 upgradable to 35 plates/hr. and Suprasetter 190 to 25 plates/hr.; Intelligent Diode System; temperature compensation; options include internal punching, paper stretch compensation and full automation (6 cassettes/600 plates online); field upgrades for format and automation also available.

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