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PlateRite 4300E and 4300S (@4/6-up, 12x14.6" to 32.7x26") external-drum platesetters: 4300E--16-channel laser diode, 2,400/2,438/2,540 dpi, 11 plates/hr. at 2,400 dpi; 4300S--32-channel head, 1,200-4,000 dpi, 21 plates/hr. at 2,400 dpi.

PlateRite 6600E and 6600S (6-up, 12x14.6" to 38.5x26.9"): 6600E--32-channel head, 18 plates/hr.; 6600S--64-channel head, 30 plates/hr.; both support 1,200/2,400/2,438/2,540 dpi resolutions.

PlateRite 8300N-E: 16-channel head, resolutions of 2,400, 2,438 or 2,540 dpi, 8 plates/hr.

PlateRite 8300N-S: 32-channel, 1,200-4,000 dpi resolutions, 14 plates/hr.

PlateRite 8600N-E, 8600N-S and 8600N-Z (12x14.6" to 45.6x37"): 8600N-E--32-channel laser diode, 1,200/2,400/2,438/2,540 dpi, 14 plates/hr.; 8600N-S--64-channel laser diode, 1,200/2,000/2,400/2,438/2,540 dpi, 23 plates/hr.; 8600N-Z--64-channel laser diode, 1,200/2,000/2,400/2,438/2,540,4,000 dpi, 23 plates/hr. PlateRite 8600SL (12x14.6" to 45.2x37"): 64-channel laser diode, 1,200/2,400/2,438/2,540 dpi, 22 plates/hr.

PlateRite 8800N-E (26 plates/hr.), 8800N-S (36 plates/hr.), 8800N-Z (42 plates/hr.) and 8800N-ZX (51 plates/hr.): plate sizes 12x14.6" to 45.6x37", 512-channel head (1,024-channel for 8800N-ZX) based on Grating Light Valve technology, 1,200/2,400/2,438/2,540 dpi.

PlateRite Ultima 16000IIE, 16000IIS and 16000IIZ: 17.8x14.6" to 57.9x45.9" formats, 512-channel laser diode, 1,200-2,540 dpi, for 57x45" plate at 2,400 dpi exposes 17 (E), 25 (S) or 31 (Z) plates/hr.

PlateRite Ultima 24000S (23 or 36* plates/hr.), 24000SX (28 or 44* plates/hr.), 24000Z (33 or 58* plates/hr.) and 24000ZX (38 or 68* plates/hr.): 19.7x21.7" to 68.9x55.1" formats, 1,200-2,540 dpi, 512-channel (24000S/24000Z) or 1,024-channel GLV-X (24000SX/24000ZX) laser diode.

PlateRite Ultima 36000S (19 or 36* plates/hr.), 36000SX (23 or 44* plates/hr.), 36000Z (29 or 58* plates/hr.) and 36000ZX (33 or 68* plates/hr.): 19.7x21.7" to 82.7x63" formats, 1,200-2,540 dpi, 512-channel (36000S/36000Z) or 1,024-channel GLV-X (36000SX/36000ZX) laser diode. [*With dual feeding option].

PlateRite Ultima 40000S (17 plates/hr.), 40000SX (22 plates/hr.),: 25.6x21.7" to 89.7x62.9" (80 A-4 pages) formats, 1,200/2,400/2,438/2,540 dpi; PlateRite Ultima 48000S (13 plates/hr.) and 48000SX (17 plates/hr.) increase max. size to 114.1x53.1" (96 A-4 pages). SA-L single-cassette and MA-L multiple-cassette autoloader options for most units.

PlateRite News 2000S+ (64 channel, @106/49 plates/hr.) newspaper CTP system: 11.4x18.1" to 38.5x26.9" formats, 1,000/1,016/1,200/1,270 dpi, feed tray, semi-auto and single- or multi-cassette auto loaders.

PlateRite FX870ll flexo/letterpress system: 4x4" to 30x34.2" formats, 2,400/2,540/4,800 dpi, thermal offset plate option.

PlateRite FX1200 flexo/letterpress system: 4x4" to 42x47.2" formats, 2,400/2,540/4,000 dpi. PlateRite FX1524 flexo/letterpress system: 4x4 to 42x60" formats, 2,400/2,540/4,000 dpi, Flexo Dot supports max. 4,800 dpi.

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