Heidelberg Prinect Press Center press control station

Prinect Press Center is the standard press control station for all Heidelberg Speedmaster presses. All press control, including job ink and register settings, is accomplished using a 19" touchscreen and Intellistart software for automated, wizard-guided operation of the press. Can be connected to a production network and interfaced with prepress workflow and print management system through Prinect Pressroom Manager or Prepress Interface. Heidelberg Color Measurement Systems are integrated with Prinect Press Center for completely automated and closed-loop color control. Press reports available through Prinect Pressroom Manager and through an Internet browser to provide production information regarding job, operator and shift status. Web-based online remote support.

Intellistart wizard-guided software is process-oriented navigation system that boosts Speedmaster productivity. While the current job is running, it records the operating parameters and compares them to the requirements for the next incoming job. Parameters for both jobs are compared and any necessary changes required are recommended to the operator, who can allow the system to apply the changes automatically, or at his or her discretion can confirm the change-over sequences using the Intellistart wizard-guided user interface. The result is up to 70% fewer steps to set up the press for the subsequent job. Can be programmed to automatically active wash-up programs and switch off the press at the end of the shift. Increases production capacity by as much as 8% and reduces errors that otherwise result in costly wasted time and materials.

Wallscreen is a large, completely integrated LCD monitor for Prinect Press Center that provides users with an animated overview of all press processes. It displays a cross-section of the press with a dynamic simulation of all functions, including sheet breaks (perfecting presses). Displays an image of the print sheet with all ink zones depicted in their actual width for simple viewing and analysis. Color separations can be represented individually or combined in progressive views. Wallscreen can operate and control many other applications, including the Prinect Cockpit, the Machine Component Scout (parts catalog), and online help specific to the press. Displaying the production schedule from print management system or Prinect Scheduler gives press operator up-to-date production requirements. When the press is equipped with any Heidelberg Color Measurement System (Axis Control, Image Control or Inpress Control), it is possible to visualize all measurement results on the Wallscreen. In conjunction with Prinect Inpress Control system, this enables operators to move about the press while maintaining an easy view of continuous measuring results.

Prinect Axis Control color measurement system for all Speedmaster presses is spectrophotometric system integrated into Prinect Press Center. Provides closed-loop color control during production. Operated using the same 19" touchscreen of Prinect Press Center. Color measurement parameters are automated through the Intellistart wizard-guided software, which is standard on all Speedmaster presses with the Prinect Press Center. Provides complete measurement results that are accessible through a Web browser. Capable of conforming to all industry standards and procedures.

Prinect Image Control color measurement and management system based on spectrophotometry. Standalone unit, yet integrated close-loop system that can be connected to as many as 4 Speedmaster presses. Not only measures and regulates production based on the color bar to provide follow-up data directly to the press, but can also measure, control and regulate color in the printed image area. Integrates the pressroom with the prepress workflow and simplifies the generation of ICC profiles and maintaining printing standards. Reporting system included for complete documentation of all jobs for proof of verification and compliance with standards. Capable of conforming to all industry standards and procedures, including G7 methods.

Prinect Inpress Control color measurement system based on spectrophotometry and integrates into a variety of Speedmaster press models. Measures the color bar at the full range of operating speeds of the press and enables non-stop makeready and production. Eliminates the need to stop the press to pull sheets for analysis and follow-up. Measurement results delivered automatically and directly to the Prinect Press Center, which, in turn, delivers automatic ink-zone adjustments to all printing units simultaneously. Also automatically controls registration and offers a series of reports via Web browser to provide complete documentation of all jobs for proof of verification and compliance with standards. Capable of conforming to all industry standards and procedures.

Prinect Easy Control closed-loop spectral-based color measurement system for Speedmaster press models SM 52 and SM 74 with Prinect Press Center and Prinect Press Center Compact. Also available for Speedmaster SM 102 and CD 102 presses configured with the Prinect Press Center Compact. It is an integrated component of the Prinect Press Center Compact. Can be configured for straight and perfecting presses and can measure between 2- to 6-colors per side. Operated through the color touchscreen of the press control console. The system is based on spectrophotometry but also presents measured results in density values. Operator positions the sheet on the measuring surface using several thin magnetic wafers in conjunction with wheels on the measuring head. With the assistance of laser guidance, the operator moves the measuring head into the position of the color bar, which can be located anywhere on the sheet. A red laser is activated to ensure that the measuring head is properly aligned with the color bar. Once this is accomplished, the measuring sequence is activated at the Press Center Touchscreen.

Prinect Inspection Control is a fully integrated in-line defect detection system designed to locate printing and material defects (hickeys, marking, scumming, scratching, etc.) on printed sheets during production. Available for the Speedmaster CD 102, CX 102, XL 105, and the XL 75 models in straight and perfecting configurations. Defects are detected in real-time using high-resolution cameras mounted in either the coating or printing unit (depending on press configuration) at the rated speed of the press by comparing each printed sheet with a digital reference. Upon detection, the system provides audible and visual alerts and inserts a tab in the delivery pile to accurately define the range of defective printed materials. Intuitive user interface for Prinect Inspection control is accessed through the Wallscreen of the Prinect Press Center.

Available in RGB- and PDF-based systems using gray scale cameras. RGB system offers the possibility of the system to detect certain color variations, but is not intended for closed-loop color control, which is accomplished by a solution such as Axis Control, Easy Control, Inpress Control, or Image Control. The PDF-based system employs 2 high-resolution cameras and offers reduced setup time by generating the "golden master" based on direct comparison to an imported PDF. Both systems can detect defects as small as a period of 6 pt. text, even at printing speeds of 18,000 iph.

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