Advance Graphics Equipment of York

2010 Model High Pile Stacker for 1-, 2- or 3-stream shingled sheet streams in a vertical pile. 32" and 40" pile heights available. Batching conversion modules for making small count piles, allowing versatility for handling/delivering to wrapping equipment.

2010 Model Batcher features servo-driven interposers for precise positioning of the stroke of the interposers. Stroke length adjustments made on a touchscreen. Pivoting infeed conveyor option exposes interposers for relocating for different product widths. Standard batcher capable of receiving 1 or 2 shingled sheet streams, batch and deliver them as neatly jogged vertical stacks. Creates batches of 5 to 2,500 or up to 13" in height. Chipboard inserter modules available to insert chipboard top and bottom, and also insert board in sets within the pile batch. Specialized batchers for collating products for the tight web digital press market.

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