Roskam Automatic Machinery

Counter/Stackers: Brick-pile stacker accommodates up to 110,000 signatures/hr. Model 615C vertical log bundler/stacker is available in log-only design or with both stack and log capabilities. Palletizers: All models feature pallet hoppers capable of holding up to 15 pallets, centering and straightening devices in the hopper, and robotic placement of pallets. Log-bundle palletizer builds bundles from 30" to 48". Combination system uses 2 robot end effectors and a change-out module to accommodate either stacks or log bundles. Robotic palletizer accommodates up to 3 presses. "Deserter" for separation of lapped signatures into separate copies and delivery onto different conveyor lines. Discharge can feed Roskam stackers and be palletized with Roskam robotic palletizers.

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