Muller Martini

Model 1540 Apollo compensating counter stacker can be placed in-line with any saddlestitcher or trimmer. Operating speeds up to 16,000 cph. Model 1534 Uno counter stacker can be placed in-line with any perfect binder or trimmer. Operates up to 16,000 cph. Robusto compensating stacker for integrated production with high-end stitchers. Produces compensated or non-compensated stacks at speeds to 30,000 cph. Fontana palletizer for use with high-performance saddlestitching or perfect binding lines. Up to 40 stacks/min. with gripper designed for gentle handling. Processes different bundle heights. Cohiba automatic palletizer for palletizing of packaged and loose stacks of different types of products and product sizes in computer-controlled pallet configurations. Apila automatic palletizing system processes loose, blocked, wrapped or strapped bundles. Can be used in- or off-line in the press delivery or saddlestitching area. Up to 1,000 bundles/hr. in single-cell output and 2,000 bundles/hr. as double-cell system.

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