Eastman Kodak

Kodak NexPress 2100, 2500 and SE2500 (83.3 ppm/5,000 sph); Kodak NexPress SX/Photo 2700 (5,000 sph) and Kodak NexPress SE3000 (100 ppm/6,000 sph), SX/Photo 3300 (6,000 sph), SE3600 (120 ppm/7,200 sph A3+), SX/Photo 3900 (7,200 sph): PDF standards support, options include fifth imaging unit for spot color or gloss coating, MICR printing, red fluorescing, light black toner, color gamut matching, Dimensional clear dry ink for raised effect, paper capacity and processing capability upgrades. Kodak Digimaster E125 (125 ppm), E150 (150 ppm), EX138 (138 ppm) and EX300 (300 ipm) monochrome systems: 600 dpi, small particle developer, 3.6-8 million imp./month.

Inkjet systems--Kodak Versamark V-Series: simplex or duplex, 1- and 2-up configurations; 246 to 492 fpm; monochrome to 4-color. Kodak Versamark VX5000 Plus: black, spot or CMYK, depending on configuration. Versamark VL2000: 1,090 ipm (A4), low operating cost. Kodak Prosper 1000 Press and Prosper 5000XL Press: approaching 175 lpi, Stream technology, uncoated and coated papers. Kodak Prosper S-Series imprinting systems: Prosper S5 monochrome--4.16" width, 500 fpm (152 mpm), Stream technology, 600 dpi; Prosper S10 and S10 with CMYK--narrow swath, 1,000 fpm (305 mpm), 600 dpi, prints metallic inks, field upgradable to color; Prosper S20--4.16", 2,000 fpm, 600x300 dpi. Kodak Versamark D-Series: continuous inkjet, widths from 1" to 8.96", up to 1,000 fpm. 3000 series: mix of print widths. Versamark CS410 system controller controls 1-24 print heads. Integrates with the Versamark DS3700 printing system and a variety of web printing/finishing equipment.

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