HP Indigo 7500: 120 ppm (letter-size), Intelligent Automation for calibration and troubleshooting, Vision System for color quality and consistency, options include support for up to 400 gsm/460 micron stocks and white ink. HP Indigo press 5500: up to 7 colors, 68 ppm (letter-size). Indigo 3550: entry-level, 5-color. HP Indigo W7200: roll-fed, dual-engine, 240 ppm (letter-size), options include linked color management utilities on both print engines.

HP Color Inkjet Web: 1,200 nozzles per inch, HP Scalable printing technology; HP T300--30", 2,600 ppm (letter-size); HP T350--available as T300 upgrade, 3,927 ppm; HP T200--22", 821 ppm (A4); HP T400--42", 5,200 ppm (letter-size).

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