SPC Demos In-line Direct Mail Manufacturing

SPC Demos In-line Direct Mail Manufacturing Image

Specialty Print Communications (SPC) in Niles, IL, has produced a three-minute video that demonstrates the process of complex inline manufacturing—the marriage of web printing, variable imaging and inline finishing. The short video was shot during a recent press run at SPC’s headquarters and uses illustrative overlays to help educate viewers on the process of converting a roll of paper into a finished piece of direct mail, in a turnkey process, which takes just 30 seconds.

“We wanted to illustrate, simply, how direct mail formats are produced inline, and the different possibilities this unique manufacturing process allows,” said Dustin LeFebvre, executive VP of Marketing “SPC is one of roughly a dozen companies in the country to even offer this capability. We thought it would help customers if we broke down some of the complexities of the process in an informative and interesting way—the video definitely helps to do that.”

“For any great design firm, knowing what you CAN, and more importantly, what you CAN’T do is paramount in delivering a dynamic product to its clients,” said marketer Michael Newman, founding partner and creative director for estudiotres, a full-service design agency with offices in Chicago and San Diego. “SPC’s inline capability expands those limitations to a level we never dreamed of. From the custom die-cutting, tipping and folding to the automatic label application and metallic foils, the SPC inline video got all of us here excited about the new narrative possibilities we can now offer our clients.”

The SPC video is complemented by the recent publishing of “Format Guide 3.0,” SPC’s third brochure in a series that highlights different format solutions and inline finishes. www.specialtyprintcomm.com