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Can a commercial printing sales person sell digital? Are you a marketing service provider or printer?
What is the best sales compensation plan? Is solution selling how to avoid becoming a commodity?
Printing companies of all types are seeking answer to a myriad of sales and marketing concerns.

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Hey Kelly – Chapter One

I am sorry to have to be the one to say that there is no magic bottle of leads out there for you, but you CAN get more leads if you put yourself and your whole organization in the mindset of cultivating them.

Speaking Without Thinking

Someone asks you a question. Do you think first and then answer or just start talking and let the answer work itself out? Read this week’s blog by Bill Farquharson. He had some fun with his answer to the question.

That Extra Sales Mile - Video Sales Tips

Giving 110 percent, while mathematically impossible, means delivering more than promised. Doing so without expectation of reward is the subject of this week’s tip from Bill Farquharson.

15 Fabulous Facebook Friends to Follow

For this week, I am going to ram Facebook down your throat. Think there is no place for Facebook in your business world? Think again. Here are just 15 of the companies that I follow, like, and interact with on Facebook. And you know what? It’s fun. And I usually learn something. And I meet people I might not have otherwise met.

If I Trained Sales Reps

The following list comes from over 20 years of my being a corporate print buyer or working with them, hosting events for them, and listening to them. At the end of the day, successful sales reps respect their customers and strive to deliver what each one expects.

The Seven Nevers of Sales

Welcome to Bill Farquharson’s sales neverland blog, where the seven “Nevers” of sales are laid out.

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Gary Pawlaczyk is tasked with a dual corporate role within the Cenveo organization, serving as Chief Marketing Officer to lead sales and marketing for Cenveo's print division, as well as Chief Content Officer for Cenveo Publisher Services. A proud RIT grad who remains bullish on the skill sets of young people entering the print profession, Pawlaczyk discusses how Cenveo, and the printing industry in general, can remain relevant as brand communications innovators.

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Flashback: Five Questions to Ask Yourself Looking Back at 2012

The committed professional that he is, Bill Farquharson didn’t even take a break for the holidays from sharing his sales wisdom. Since “Today on PIworld” did take the week off, Bill’s Christmas Eve blog is featured here to give it the attention it deserves.

Dear Print, We Print Buyers Now Want an Open Marriage

Don’t get us wrong, Print. We still love you. We might look at web pages and tablets, but there’s nothing like holding you in our hands. We still prefer the beauty and permanence of Print to the ephemeral nature of digital media.

Ogilvy and DST Output Execs on the Power of Print to Increase Response Rates

Leslie Figenschou of DST Output talks about combining communications channels (including print) to reach a larger audience. She says read rates for email are around 13% but for direct mail it's over 70% and transactional mail is around 85%, which yields far greater response rates. Kevin Whitlock from Ogilvy talks about the power and permanence of print and print's credibility, personalization and photo book applications. From the Creativity and Technology Conference Roundtable, hosted by Advertising Age, sponsored by Kodak. London, England - November 11, 2010.

End of Print-Centric Buyers : Dana on Print Buyers

We’re so focused on the evolution of the printing industry—and how printers must change to remain (or become) relevant—that we are overlooking a major class of industry professionals who are just as affected by the same business trends: print buyers. I’m talking about professionals in companies large and small, including agencies, whose primary responsibility has historically been the sourcing and managing of their company's printed materials.

Printer's Profit Code

Statistics say that 85% of printers have flat or declining sales. They are struggling to sell to customers whose volumes are down. They can’t get in to see decision makers at potential new clients because they are not seen as any different to the existing supplier. They can’t find new work without discounting their prices.

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