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Can a commercial printing sales person sell digital? Are you a marketing service provider or printer?
What is the best sales compensation plan? Is solution selling how to avoid becoming a commodity?
Printing companies of all types are seeking answer to a myriad of sales and marketing concerns.


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Networking Gone Wrong - Video Sales Tips

December 8, 2014

Networking events are great opportunities for us to expand our customer base but only if they are done right. Learn what to do and what...

The Three Most Dangerous Sales Words - Short Attention Span Webinar

December 5, 2014

You won’t see this one coming. In this week’s Short Attention Span Webinar, Bill Farquharson and Kelly Mallozzi school you on why three seemingly harmless...

Why Your Business Needs Great Content

John Foley Jr. December 4, 2014

Creating content takes time and effort. Think of it as one of your best tools—it will work better with regular maintenance and polishing—so don’t let...

Do You Get Frustrated by Prospects Who Never Return Your Calls?

Matthew Parker December 4, 2014

Print salespeople face a common problem these days. You contact a prospect. You have a good conversation with them. All seems to be going well....

The Best Sale You Shouldn't Make

Bill Farquharson December 2, 2014

Your phone rings. It’s a company calling you out of the blue looking for a price. Wait, what? Someone is calling me? Warning, warning, Will...

The December Sales Sprint - Video Sales Tips

December 1, 2014

Today is the first day of your last opportunity to generate some sales momentum for 2015. While sales is a marathon sport, December is a...

Winter Sales Reading List

Bill Farquharson November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving conjures images of Norman Rockwell, family and football. It is a simple holiday that gets you back to basics and reminds us all of...

You Love Them, You Love Them Not: Printers and Their 'People'

Margie Dana November 25, 2014

You may be surprised (or not) to know that a lot of times, print CEOs say, “It’s our people. We’d be nothing without them.” And...

Nothing Succeeds Like a Failed Strategy

Marin11.25 November 25, 2014

Many companies in today’s marketplace are encountering tremendous difficulty staying current with all of the changes taking place. I know many people who are currently...

The Funky Sales Week - Video Sales Tips

November 24, 2014

A strange sales week awaits you. It’s short and quiet and completely useless...unless you follow the advice from this week’s video sales tip by Bill...