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Warm Holiday Wishes Card (Includes Video)

This week, features the Warm Holiday Wishes Card. The team at Design Is Yummy used an impressive menu of visual, tactile and interactive ingredients to create the perfect holiday card (i.e. one that you can drink).

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Bankrolled and Bioengineered, China Supplants Wisconsin’s Paper Industry

At a time when Wisconsin’s paper mills were already fighting off a digital death, China has become a sudden, potent adversary—a threat even greater than the rise of laptops and the iPad. Over the course of the last decade, China tripled its paper production and in 2009 overtook the United States as the world’s biggest papermaker. It can now match the annual output of Wisconsin, America’s top papermaking state, in the span of three weeks.

Paper Pricing : Pulp Nonfiction

Paper pricing has been affected in the past few years by a general decrease in demand for printed products, which affects all paper types and grades. Within the market, however, complex dynamics play out as supply adjusts and demand shifts in the wake of price fluctuations.

What Exactly Is Environmentally Preferable Paper?

Amidst all of the Earth Day hype, Dead Tree Edition asks: So which is it, is National Geographic an environmental hero or an environmental villain? More importantly for those of us who buy paper: What exactly is “green” paper?

Verso Paper’s Debtholders are Tearing the Equityholders to Shreds

Verso Paper's debt will eventually crumple up the stock. It's a shame too, because without the interest expense, this would be a fine, profitable company. By charging exorbitant rates, the debtholders plan on gouging the company, taking a pound of flesh every year, up until the company's inevitable demise of 2019 or earlier, where they'll wipe out the equity holders and take it over.