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Violet vs. thermal, processless or chemfree and aluminum or polyesters plates are just some
of the issues that continue to be investigated in the computer-to-plate (CTP)  arena.


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Mitsubishi Imaging to Demo 4-Up Processless, Chemistry-free CTP at PRINT 13

MitsubishiImaging September 6, 2013

Mitsubishi Imaging will showcase its TDP-670E Thermal DigiPlate unit that is designed to be a larger, four-up version of the dual function TDP-459E CTP and...

Fujifilm to Increase Prices for Newspaper Products

August 9, 2012

Despite efforts to control costs, Fujifilm North America Corp., Graphic Systems Division, announced that it is implementing price increases of up to six percent for...

A Printer's Nightmare : Unhappily Ever After

Steve Olson of Steve Olson of Printing and Design August 2012

Every month, Steve Olson, owner of North Chicago-based Steve Olson Printing and Design, writes a check for $700 to pay for a glorified paper...

Fujifilm Opens State-of-the-Art CTP Plate Production Facility

February 10, 2012

In order to meet the growing demand for CTP products by offset printers, Fujifilm has opened a new, state-of-the-art plate manufacturing line in Tilburg, Netherlands....

Hudson Printing : Filling the Mid-Range Void

Hudson Printing ownership team August 2011

About two years ago, Hudson moved from a conventional, film-based platemaking process to a computer-to-plate (CTP) workflow and, in early 2010, was looking for a...

Matichon of Thailand Uses Kodak CTP and Plates to Grow Business

January 14, 2011

Matichon Company of Thailand uses KODAK TRENDSETTER 800 Platesetters, KODAK THERMALNEWS GOLD Digital Plates for newspaper printing and KODAK ELECTRA XD Plates for commercial printing....

Thairath Daily - Kodak Customer Testimonial Video - Generation News Platesetter

December 9, 2010

Thairath Daily, one of Thailand's most widely read newspapers, uses KODAK Generation News Platesetters and Computer to Plate Solutions including digital printing plates from Kodak...

Kodak Trendsetter News Platesetter Using the Kodak PF-N Non Process Plate

November 10, 2010

The KODAK TRENDSETTER NEWS Platesetter offers reliable, thermal plate making at an affordable price for newspaper printers. This demo features KODAK PF-N Non Process Plates,...

Kodak PF-N Non Process Thermal Plate Technology

November 3, 2010

See how the KODAK PF-N Non Process Thermal Plate Technology works with no chemistry, no rinse wash, no fountain contamination, and no gum with the...

Kodak Trendsetter News Platesetter with Plate Processor

November 3, 2010

The KODAK TRENDSETTER NEWS Platesetter offers reliable, thermal plate making at an affordable price for newspaper printers. The new design includes a significantly smaller footprint,...