Violet vs. thermal, processless or chemfree and aluminum or polyesters plates are just some
of the issues that continue to be investigated in the computer-to-plate (CTP)  arena.

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Unhappily Ever After

Every month, Steve Olson, owner of Steve Olson Printing and Design, writes a check for $700 to pay for a glorified paper weight.

Filling the Mid-Range Void

About two years ago, Hudson moved from a conventional, film-based platemaking process to a computer-to-plate (CTP) workflow.

Enviro Plate Considerations

Printers around the world increasingly are paying attention to reducing the environmental impact of their operations.

Quick Thinking

Roundup of innovative CTP & small press installations…

Exhibitors Cop an App-itude

Putting greater emphasis on applications and business development tools has been a growing trend among trade show exhibitors.

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