Color/Quality Control

Color and quality control starts with color management in prepress, ICC profiles, press fingerprinting
and adoption of tools such as G7 and increasingly involves in-line inspection on the press and
binding lines with the intent of creating closed-loop systems for printing process control.

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The Key to Accurate Color Viewing

Reproducing color accurately is a complicated process, especially when different substrates, technologies, and facilities are involved.

Meeting the G7 Color Challenge

G7 calibration and certified compliance in print reproduction can provide high-color image quality across disparate devices.

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Henry Freedman, of Image Test Labs, a division of Technology Watch, talks about color science, color matching and the development of a printed image assessment service that helps digital and offset printing press owners and equipment manufacturers better understand how well presses operate. Winner of a 2017 PIA InterTech Technology Award, the ImageGrader technology enables users a method to assess - and improve - the image quality and color consistency of their offset and digital presses. After printing test pages and sending them for analysis by Image Test Labs' automated system, companies receive an easy-to-understand report detailing numerous attributes.

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