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Owning/managing a commercial printing or digital printing operation brings challenges, be it
common business issues such as profitability, employee benefits, staffing and succession planning
or industry-specific ones like declining print volumes, over capacity and industry consolidation.

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For Sellers, the Curtain Rises Once

In some ways, owning a printing company you intend to sell is like investing in the stock market. Because the value of what you own can fluctuate unpredictably, waiting for a market "peak" before you act can be a needlessly risky thing to do. It’s better to begin working with your M&A advisor so that when the right offer comes along at the right time, you will be ready.

Semper's Latest Survey: Continued Industry Growth

The current survey from Semper International reports the third straight quarter of profits for more than 80 percent of respondents. This reveals continued growth and optimism in the print and graphics industry. Since February 2003, Semper International has provided a quarterly survey offering estimates of trends in the printing and graphics industries.

Your Calling Is Calling—Are You Free?

Your current business may NOT be your "calling;" however, if you take the cards you’ve been dealt—even if you feel stuck in a business you think now you should never have started or taken over—there IS a way out.

Parting Words: Retire at 55—I Was Wrong!

As of this month, I am 100 percent retired, and this will be my last blog. I can say that I am enjoying this new phase of life, but what is right for one may not be right for another. I'd like to share the following checklist of things to consider when planning retirement at any age.

Many 'MINI-ME's

Marketing in today environment changes rapidly and it takes an effort to keep up. What if you had many "MINI-YOUs" to help get work done? If you have access to a written system, another person can do a task or process as if YOU were doing it yourself—a veritable MINI YOU!

The POWER of Checklists—Cure for Chaos!

Many of the budget-killing mistakes that risk customer loyalty can be dramatically reduced or eliminated by putting together simple checklists, and getting everyone to follow them. Ah, there's the rub, you say! How do you make systems work consistently? We found the way!

Woodpeckers and Peacocks

Podcasters have taken over my 40-plus-minute drive time most weekday mornings over the past few months. I especially enjoy listening to those who interview authors of business books. Last week, a certain guest author was speaking about his former boss who often shared his approach to marketing using the analogy of the habits of woodpeckers and peacocks.

Quad/Graphics Shuts Down Atlanta, Dickson, TN, Plants

Quad/Graphics revealed that it is closing its direct mail facility on McCall Drive in Atlanta on or before Feb. 1 and will shutter its Dickson, TN, retail insert plant on or before March 15. Both moves were announced by the printer in letters sent out to suppliers.

I Would Hate It, Too!

My son Brandon, who had just finished a training session on our software with a new client, walked into my office the other day with a big grin on his face to relay what the client had just said during training. "Dad," he said, still grinning, "our new client told me his employees HATE the new systems."

Pick What You Want—and Go for It

Knowing from the get-go exactly what you want to accomplish by purchasing another firm puts you in a winning frame of mind and increases the acquisition's likelihood of success. At New Direction Partners, we know that when a prospective buyer comes to us with a clear picture of the kind of company he or she wants to buy, we can zero in that much more quickly on candidates that will be complementary or accretive to the buyer's present business.

The Incentive Plans of Mice and Men

Implementing proper systems for operating a business—and MEASURING incentive programs that are fair to the employee AND to the employer—is not for "mice," or the faint of heart.

An 'Annual Report' for Print Industry M&As

As 2014 winds down, it's satisfying to report that the year has been a mostly good one for mergers and acquisitions in the printing and packaging industry. Looking back, we can see that a normal level of M&A activity has returned to the industry and that—assuming we get no more shocks from the general economy—opportunities for dealmaking will carry over into the year ahead.

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Gary Pawlaczyk is tasked with a dual corporate role within the Cenveo organization, serving as Chief Marketing Officer to lead sales and marketing for Cenveo's print division, as well as Chief Content Officer for Cenveo Publisher Services. A proud RIT grad who remains bullish on the skill sets of young people entering the print profession, Pawlaczyk discusses how Cenveo, and the printing industry in general, can remain relevant as brand communications innovators.

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Businesses Call on Fewer Employees to Wear More Hats

In 2009, the (Donna and Steve) Frees and (Joe) Biddy had a plan. Premier Printing would buy out Georgia Printing and the two would become one, forming Premier Georgia (Gainesville, GA). “Where you’d have two bookkeepers, you now have one. Where you’d have four cutters, you now have two cutters. Where you’d have six pressmen, now you have three pressmen. So the economy of doing that is evident,” Biddy said.

“Print 2022: Printing Changed the World - Now the World Is Changing Printing”

“Print 2022: Printing Changed the World - Now the World Is Changing Printing” breaks down each of the major graphic arts market segments and predicts how they will have changed 10 years down the road. I believe such a compilation of insights from students who will be the future leaders of our industry is a valuable resource, and I hope you enjoy reading it.

Righting the Ship: Taylor Repositions, Grows Company

Since resuming his role at the helm of Taylor Corp. two years ago, Glen Taylor has revitalized a far-flung corporation that is one of the largest privately held companies in the nation. “We’re not relying on the economy picking up. We’re focusing on new products and new customers,” said Taylor

Alaska Litho Celebrates 65 Years

For six decades, Alaska Litho has been a relevant part of Juneau’s business community by embracing change. [Owner Richard] Stone said he considers employee ownership as one of the main reasons for his business’ success. Stone said he wanted to be able to involve the employees as stakeholders and allow them to benefit from being actively involved in the business.

The Importance of Paper in a Digital World

In this digital age, face-to-face meetings are becoming more rare as people take their networking online. In this 1:1 interview, Lisa Rodwell, chief revenue officer of, an award-winning and innovative online printing company, tells us how the business card is not just here to stay, but still an important and necessary tool for making your mark on potential employers and clients.

Has Consolidated Graphics Become the Perfect Stock?

Every investor would love to stumble upon the perfect stock.. Let’s discuss the ideal qualities of a perfect stock, then decide if Consolidated Graphics fits the bill. Since we looked at Consolidated Graphics last year, the company hasn't been able to improve on its two-point score. Even worse, the stock has lost more than half its value over the past year.