Business Management

Owning/managing a commercial printing or digital printing operation brings challenges, be it
common business issues such as profitability, employee benefits, staffing and succession planning
or industry-specific ones like declining print volumes, over capacity and industry consolidation.

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Empathy Is Key to Success

One area that is often overlooked by reps is considering how the purchaser will perceive or feel about the sales visit-feeling empathy.

I'm the Boss of Me!

I am one of seven brothers, and you can imagine the “king of the hill” games we played as kids.…

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This week, Julie Greenbaum highlights industry news about the The MATLET Group and how it will move casual dining printing from Central Florida Press into its Packaging Graphics operation in Pawtucket, R.I. — impacting 145 employees. Other news came from Sandy Alexander in Clifton, N.J., and its acquisitions of Dinetec and Designers’ Press. In addition, the 2017 PRIMIR Summer Meeting concluded in Philadelphia this week. And, in Dayton, Ohio, Kodak held a two-day VIP Inkjet Summit at its Enterprise Inkjet Systems Division (EISD) headquarters.

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