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Owning/managing a commercial printing or digital printing operation brings challenges, be it
common business issues such as profitability, employee benefits, staffing and succession planning
or industry-specific ones like declining print volumes, over capacity and industry consolidation.


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EXIT—Stage LEFT? or Stage RIGHT?

Philip Beyer November 3, 2014

An EXIT—Stage LEFT business was not a pretty site for many Boomers who lost heavily during the Great Recession. How many "Boomer" business owners out...

Celebrate Your Losses

Carl Gerhardt October 27, 2014

Celebrate your wins, create a positive work environment and make your workplace fun. It makes good business sense and pays dividends. Don't ignore the losses...

Ready to Sell or Not—Not!

Frank Steenburgh October 24, 2014

It’s a great time to sell a printing or a packaging business. But, as favorable as market conditions may be, is it your time? There...

Why Cranky Hates His Job!

Philip Beyer October 20, 2014

Here’s a scary picture (just in time for Halloween?) of a fairly typical American most businesses there are thousands of details and variables that...

With Our 'Complements'

Al Reijmer October 10, 2014

In the first part of this discussion about what motivates owners of print and packaging companies in transacting mergers and acquisitions, we noted that every...

Who Is John Galt?

Philip Beyer October 6, 2014

Do you know a "John Galt?" They’re the ones many current television shows, movies, and the politically-correct ("PC") crowd like to characterize as "greedy, underhanded"...

War Stories: Your Best Marketing Tool

Carl Gerhardt October 2, 2014

I think we can agree that positive word-of-mouth is one of the best marketing tools any business can have. To get this to work, you...

Reijmer/Russell on M&A Directions: Can We Talk? Not Necessarily

October 2014

Acquiring or being acquired by another company can be a long, drawn-out and distracting process in which the proverbial cat can be hard to keep...

A Trade Show for M&As? In a Way, Yes

Tom Williams September 26, 2014

Companies that achieve new capabilities by educating and re-equipping themselves at trade shows shouldn’t keep their progress a secret. Whether your aim is to be...

Win Some, Lose Some

Philip Beyer September 22, 2014

The old idiom, "You win some and you lose some," when applied to a business, can mean customers coming in the front door and going...