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February 1, 2006

Sound business decision making requires having access to the best available information in a timely fashion and digestible format. A fully implemented and properly used computer management system (be it MIS, ERP or CRM) fulfills the data gathering requirement, but traditional reporting functions can be too much, too late. Lengthy and dense hardcopy reports generated up to a month after the fact don’t make the most effective tools for managing day-to-day operations. Managers—actually, all plant personnel—can benefit from having access to information they can act on in the moment. Enter the “dashboard,” for lack of a better term. Some vendors have embraced that classification,

September 1, 2005

Quark Inc. announced a strategic alliance with Enfocus Software aimed at improving the overall PDF experience within QuarkXPress and to provide bundled solutions that streamline Certified PDF-based workflows. Agfa's Graphic Systems business group has added an industry specialist to support the company's recent entries into the wide-format printing market. Steve Cutler has joined Agfa's team as marketing manager for the newly formed Sign, Screen and Display segment. Brandtjen & Kluge reports that four employees have reached their 25-year anniversaries with the company. They are Deb Mitchell, accountant; Dave Peterson, journeyman machinist; Kathy Soul, computer technical officer; and Kevin Robbins, sales and service manager. In keeping

November 1, 2003

Sun Chemical Plant Undergoes $7.2M Expansion ST. CHARLES, IL—Sun Chemical is working on a expansion of its manufacturing facility and laboratories here. The $7.2 million project will add nearly 32,000 square feet, bringing the plant to 90,000 square feet. The building will include ink manufacturing operations, expanded offices, a warehouse and a new laboratory. When it is completed in April 2004, the facility will house 141 employees. At this plant, the company also plans to combine the operations of its Chicago-area Clearing plant, as well as Kohl and Madden's facility in Elk Grove Village, IL. Colter & Peterson has reached an agreement with

GRAPH EXPO & CONVERTING EXPO 2003--Prepress and Digital Printin
November 1, 2003

Bridging the Digital Divide BY MARK SMITH Technology Editor Trade shows are supposed to be a forum for presenting solutions to meet the needs of attendees. What many people took away from workflow displays at GRAPH EXPO and CONVERTING EXPO, however, was a bag full of questions . . . and maybe the odd poster or two, a foam sword, canisters of M&Ms, etc. That doesn't mean attendees weren't looking to buy. Exhibitors were more ardent than usual about the quality of the leads they were getting, and they claimed to also be pleased with the quantity. "Turned the corner" was a popular

April 1, 2003

Ricoh Corp. has aligned with UNIX and Linux software developer Codehost Inc. Ricoh will offer its customers and dealers BrightQT, Codehost's suite of Linux and UNIX-based printing tools, for use with Ricoh networked output devices. Creo Inc. has received ISO-14001:1996 certification for environmental management of its Canadian operations. This completes environmental management certification for both of the Creo design and manufacturing operations. Creo operations in Israel recently underwent recertification for ISO-14001—a standard first achieved in February 2001. KBA North America has promoted Evan Heise as its sales representative for a six-state region, including Montana, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho and New Mexico. Heise is now

COMPUTER MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS -- Pain-free Installations
November 1, 2001

BY CAROLINE MILLER Implementing a new computer management system can sometimes feel like a reoccurring nightmare that leaves you feeling dazed, confused and just plain exhausted. But whether you are buying your first system, going through an upgrade or looking at a completely new system, there are several steps you can take to avoid waking up in a cold sweat. "The ideal implementation includes smart people using smart technology that is supported by smart people," remarks Paul Grieco, president of Printers Software. So what makes an implementation successful? Several computer management vendors recently discussed the "do's" and "don'ts" of software implementation with Printing Impressions.

Job Ticketing in the Electronic Age
May 1, 2000

Job tickets—which have been around since Gutenberg, if only in an elementary form—have evolved from handwritten envelopes to computerized, customized, global documents. In the new millennium, that evolution continues as job tickets are transformed from mere digital versions of their paper-based predecessors to virtual windows in the production process. BY CHERYL A. ADAMS "Our crystal ball indicates that, not only will print buying on the Internet become widespread, but also, in many cases, the management systems that the printer uses [such as those for electronic job ticketing applications] will be run totally over the Internet, as well," says Carol Andersen, president of Micro