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Customer-Preferred Marketing: Data Predicts What Channels to Use Next (2011 InterACT! Virtual Show session)
December 1, 2011

Click above/below to view this webinar, originally offered as a session at the 2011 InterACT! Virtual Conference & Expo.

Subscribers still welcome messages on email, SMS and social that are relevant and helpful. How can we ensure that our messages are the ones that subscribers read (and take action on!)? The only way to improve relevancy is to listen to subscribers and customize content, cadence, frequency - and channel - to meet the needs of unique segments. Getting that data in a useful place is not trivial.

We'll look at ways marketers gather, analyze and, most importantly, utilize demographic, behavioral and social data to improve subscriber experience and earn higher response and revenue. You'll hear how one top-tier marketer has done it, and pick up some ideas for testing the waters with your own program. Get ready to take your existing efforts to the next level.

Listeners will learn:
-- how to improve subscriber experiences through email, SMS and social programs;
-- how to achieve higher response rates and revenue;
-- tips for launching your own customer-preferred marketing program, including a checklist of ideas and questions to ask your vendors that will help you assess your readiness;
-- and so much more

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