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By Who's Up Next

About Who's Up

PIWorld is providing an open mike for members of the graphic arts community, along with our own staff people at times, to take a stand, share an observation or just relay an item of interest.

We will be coming up with our own choices of people to invite to be "Who's Up Next," but interested parties are also encouraged to email a topic and short description of a post (text, video or audio) they would like to submit for consideration to

The views expressed are those of the individual contributor and not Printing Impressions / PIWorld.


Print Management Is Friend, not Foe

Printers who struggle to operate at full capacity would likely find it advantageous to partner with a print management firm. Such firms can act as a sales channel that funnels a steady pipeline of work optimized for your manufacturing platform.  Read More >>

Industry Centers:

Why Not Keep Some Money in Your Own Backyard?

If every family spent just $64 on an American-made product to give as a Christmas gift, more than 200,000 jobs would be saved here in the United States. How many of you will actually take the time to look on the package to see where the product was made?  Read More >>

More GPO Work to Private Sector Printers or Not?

It  would seem that if GPO is serious about channeling more federal printing to the private sector, its strategic plan would place more emphasis on redirecting the $800 million being done by agencies to independent printers.  Read More >>

Companies Mentioned:

Bookstore Sales Erosion Is Only Part of the Story

The Borders Group (the second largest U.S. book chain) bankruptcy filing on Wednesday morning came as no surprise to book industry observers. Although some sources attribute Borders failure to the growth of e-book materials, there is more to the story.

Industry Centers:

Why Software is More Important than Ever for Printers

The common thread I see among printers I’ve talked with that have continued to see growth and success in the industry—even through tough economic times—is smart investment and application of software in their businesses. Printers need to proactively make an effort to get a handle on understanding software technology and the impact it can make  Read More >>

Industry Centers:

The Next Wave of Cross-Media Communications: A Perfect Storm

Marketers are hustling to respond to the changing needs of customers with personalized offers that address where, when and how they want to be reached.  Read More >>

Industry Centers:

What’s Your ‘118?’

The “118” is my version of what some people still call “the elevator pitch”...8 compelling seconds to hook me and up to 110 seconds to drive it home.  Read More >>

Industry Centers:

Becoming a Strong Link in Chain of Communications

Printers are printers and that is a fact that should not be hidden, but they need to become an extension of the communication process.  Read More >>

Industry Centers:

Managing Content Drives Additional Value Add

Takeaways for printing companies from the joint On Demand/Info 360 AIIM Conference & Expo.  Read More >>

Industry Centers:

The Perfect Storm: Recession, Postal Changes and Now Paper?

The international trade dispute initiated by three paper makers could lead to a considerable pull back for those printers who teeter on the edge of existence.  Read More >>

Industry Centers:

Challenges Aplenty in Rationalizing the Combined Quad/Graphics and Worldcolor

This deal may be exciting from the merged balance sheet and even superficial marketing perspectives. However, Quad’s operations team has never ever had this kind of a challenge to boot strap a printer of this size before.  Read More >>

Taking the Industry's Pulse on Merits of Annual Printing Trade Show

Mark Michelson, Printing Impressions—"Do We Need Graph Expo Every Year?" That was the provocative question addressed in a commentary, and official response from GASC, earlier this week. It's a timely topic, especially given the current state of the U.S. economy and the printing industry. In conversations with several industry vendors that annually exhibit at Graph Expo and, once every four years, at PRINT, they are openly questioning how to get the most payback from their shrinking marketing...  Read More >>