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John Foley Jr.

Smart Marketing Insights

By John Foley Jr.

About John

John Foley Jr. is the CEO of interlinkONE and Grow Socially. John and his team help printers get on a strong path to marketing success. Their approach includes software solutions, consulting, Website development, marketing audits, and strategic marketing plans. interlinkONE’s software solutions for the print industry include their marketing automation platform, MAX, and ilinkONE V8. Learn more about MAX: Marketing Automation. Executed. by visiting, John at, and his companies at and

How Many Words Does a Picture Paint?

Images work best with some thought behind them. Going for the first stock photo you find of a smiling business person will not grab the attention of anyone who engages with your content. The idea is to make readers want to continue, so choose something that relates directly to the subject at hand—and if you can make it humorous or intriguing, even better.  Read More >>

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Making Customer Testimonials Work for You

There’s nothing like a personal testimonial to build stronger customer and prospect relationships. Make it easy and beneficial for your customers to provide testimonials, and be sure to show your prospects how positively great you are to work with.  Read More >>

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Is Your Content Out of Ideas?

If your content is stale and redundant, why would customers and prospects come back for more? Trust me, I understand that coming up with great, image-rich content when there’s so much going on is no easy task, especially when it feels like you’re aimlessly staring at a blank screen. So the next time you find yourself out of ideas, try these 10 tricks to kick start your creativity and inkjet new life into your content.  Read More >>

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Making Your Print Business the Best Choice

The competition in this industry is tougher than ever. Hone in on your strengths and make sure your prospects know how those strengths can benefit them, making it clear why your print business is the best choice.  Read More >>

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Strategic Storytelling and Content Marketing

Creating a storytelling strategy to support your content marketing doesn’t have to be difficult, in fact it shouldn’t be. Stories are interesting, and much more fun to listen to than facts. My point is that stories are relatable and evoke emotions—and in my experience as a marketer that is the most effective way to be remembered.  Read More >>

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Three Reasons Why Stories Are Important

If you’re looking to truly connect with prospects in today’s information savvy world, it’s vital to find interesting, and subtle ways to make the value of your organization stand out, and stories are the best way to do just that.  Read More >>

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5 Steps for Creating Enticing QR Codes

QR codes are a straightforward and cost effective way of expanding your customers' experience. Plan your QR codes carefully and use a strong call to action, then release them into the wild to do their work for you.  Read More >>

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How to Use Local Information in Your Marketing

Location-specific marketing can both connect you to your local community and help you take advantage of passing footfall to increase your trade. Start looking around at your local scene today and decide how being a part of it could be advantageous to your business.  Read More >>

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Does Your Content Need a Spring Cleaning?

If you are looking to grow your business through marketing, it's time to focus on creating attention-grabbing content that is free of waffle, jargon, and self-importance. Give your content a spring clean by asking yourself the following five questions.  Read More >>

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10 Tips to Craft Compelling Copy for Great Content

Good copy is one of your business' best friends. Get to know it and get familiar with how it works, and it will serve you well. Follow these 10 tips for crafting compelling copy.

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Advice for Effective Marketing

Once your brand is defined, your message set, and your target audience is in cue, it is time to execute your campaign. No matter what tactic or path you choose to take, the only certain thing in successful marketing is that you must stay in front of your prospects. Did you know that the average person is hit with over 3,000 marketing messages a day?  Read More >>

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I Love Content! With the Right Strategy and Tools, You can Too!

If you’re a printer offering marketing services, you should learn, live and love the concept of content marketing because 2014 will be its year to shine.  Read More >>

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Properly Adding Multi-channel to the Mix

If your business is still around in 2014, chances are you have realized that multi-channel marketing is not the secret formula to success, but rather a necessary component to the continual transformation of your print-centric business.  Read More >>

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What Printers Need to Grow and Transform Their Business

Change is never easy, but as far as business is concerned, it is necessary. Consider print and the services you have always provided as the nourishment your business needs to transform successfully in this brave new world of communications.  Read More >>

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