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Senior Editor, Printing Impressions Magazine

Printers’ Pulse

By Erik Cagle

About Erik

Erik Cagle is senior editor for Printing Impressions magazine. He has reported on the graphics arts industry for 11 years.


Staying Committed to the Arts

DigiLink will be playing host to Celebrating Art, a new program designed to recognize arts and their creators. An inaugural reception will be held April 8 from 5-8 p.m., with an exhibition at DigiLink's corporate office.  Read More >>

Living the Life, and Nightmare, of Reilly

Does anyone out there know Jim Reilly? He's just another face in the printing industry crowd. His life story stands out, however, as the ultimate nightmare.  Read More >>

Come Join in on the FB Fun

I'll be using the platform to give followers a heads-up on breaking news, interesting tidbits and invitations to participate in upcoming PI articles.  Read More >>

Quadracci, Angelson Share Their Accounts of Mega Deal

Many unanswered questions remain, so stay tuned. Here are some of the remarks made by Mark Angelson, Worldcolor CEO, and Joel Quadracci, chairman, president and CEO of Quad/Graphics, during Tuesday's investor call.  Read More >>

Companies Mentioned:

Cattle Call: Digital Finishing Candidates

Sorry to lean on you guys so close to the holidays, but with vacations and tight deadlines, I need to find a few companies willing to talk about finishing options (in-line, off-line, near-line) in a digital printing environment.  Read More >>

Shut Your Facebook

It appears the gentle giant known as Facebook is starting to be turned into an angry monster. I'm afraid its more nobler goals—communicating with friends and expanding business relationships—are beginning to give way to those less proud tendencies we all possess, such as stalking and spying.  Read More >>

Another Reason to Like Hugh Hefner

Playboy, though it is suffering through a decline in advertising dollars, is not following the knee-jerk reaction of publishers who decided that the hard copy is expendable in light of necessary cost-cutting initiatives.  Read More >>

Wanted: 20 Under 40 Industry Stars

Our magazine will be reprising a subject that was last covered in 2004: "20 Under 40." We will be compiling brief profiles on 20 leading young executives in the printing industry under the age of 40 for our November issue. You can help us out by sending in your nominations for worthy candidates.  Read More >>

Print Wildfire Just Needs Kindle-ing

A couple of weeks ago, our e-mail newsletter reported on a Democratic think tank that wants to launch a "Kindle in every backpack" e-textbook campaign, a play off the "chicken in every pot" rally cry. I expected curt, irate letters wanting to know why we seem to be touting the minor setbacks suffered by the printed word.  Read More >>

Out of Print, Out of Mind

Another printed product, Vibe magazine, has bit the dust. According to, the publication that debuted in 1993 with the backing of music legend Quincy Jones, perished under different ownership due to a slump in print advertising and the ongoing recession. Jones told another pub that he plans to buy the brand back and take it online.

Of all the reasons that are bandied around in support of maintaining the printed edition, No. 1 is visibility. If you cannot justify the hard copy...  Read More >>

QW-RRD Nonstarter Offers No Fodder for Tabloid

Well, so much for the back-and-forth melodrama promised by a protracted tug of war between RR Donnelley and Quebecor World (or perhaps soon to be Novink). The assumption was that Donnelley’s offer would have been enough enticement for the creditors to push for getting their money sooner than later. The assumption was incorrect. Apparently, the Quebecor World creditors weren’t fanning themselves or feeling even nearly faint at the thought of $1.5 billion in cash and stock.  Read More >>

Initial Thoughts on RRD-QW Shotgun Marriage Proposal

I nearly choked on my Coke this morning when the news came down that RR Donnelley had made a pretty straightforward offer of $1.35 billion in cash and stock to acquire Quebecor World.  Read More >>

Welcome to the Age of Sharing TMI

Once upon a time, you'd be sitting around chatting with friends, reminiscing about the past, and some inane/innocuous question would pop up. "Hey," says a friend while swigging from a bottle of Sam Adams, "who was it that sang the song 'Me and You and a Dog Named Boo,' cuz I loved that song when I was a little girl.  Read More >>

SOS for the USPS

A venerable institution in this country is in dire need of our help and support. I'm talking about the neighborhood post office.  Read More >>

Newspapers Now Red All Over

Many magazine writers cut their teeth slinging newsprint hash, including yours truly, and the demise of newspapers seems to me, at least, to be a fait accompli. How I hope I am dead wrong.  Read More >>

Drugs a Problem at Printing Plants?

Sometimes we have issues in our lives that are largely left alone because, quite frankly, the solution is more of a headache and/or heartache than the issue itself. The response is to tolerate the problem, ignore it or pretend you don't see it. Maybe all three. Addressing these issues fall somewhere on that to-do list between cleaning out the gutters and scheduling a screening with your proctologist.  Read More >>

Weighing Company Health Against Employee Pain

From the "it's going to get worse before it gets better" department comes a Quad/Graphics capacity reduction that sees 550 people lose their jobs this week. Another 72 jobs are gone as Courier Corp. shuts down short-run Book-mart of North Bergen, NJ, while 62 Multi-Color Corp. positions are eliminated as its Framingham, MA, operations are folded into other facilities. That's nearly 700 jobs in under a week. It's a safe bet that more than 1,000 people industry-wide will be cut loose this...  Read More >>

Newsletter Represents No-Spin Zone

Add Mazer Corp. of Dayton, OH, to the list of companies that are quietly vanishing. The book manufacturer hopes to forge a deal that will bring another owner on board, but as of Dec. 30, its doors were locked and 130 people left jobless, according to several accounts.  Read More >>

The Trash is in the Mail

If you check out the story on our home page, South Jersey printer Hamilton Press saw more than 3,300 envelopes from a $15K print, $6K postage job destroyed and returned three weeks after it was “mailed,” accompanied by the following items: a withered orange, a bottle of joint ointment, a wall rack for videotapes, books, trash and unrelated mail.

Putting a Different Spin On 'I'll Be Home for Christmas'

Hi, I’m Erik Cagle, senior editor at Printing Impressions magazine. Some of you may recognize my name from bylines in the magazine, while I’ve had the good fortune to meet many of you at places like Graph Expo in Chicago. The powers-that-be at PI have graciously allowed me to pen a blog here on, which is an honor I truly appreciate.  Read More >>

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