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Senior Editor, Printing Impressions Magazine

Printers’ Pulse

By Erik Cagle

About Erik

Erik Cagle is senior editor for Printing Impressions magazine. He has reported on the graphics arts industry for 11 years.


Crossover Points Between Digital Cutsheet, Sheetfed Offset

Your magazine needs you! Looking for interview subjects to discuss crossover points for digital cutsheet and sheetfed offset printing on short-run static jobs. Please drop Erik Cagle a line at if you're interested in participating.  Read More >>

Going Beyond Ink on Paper

I am looking for contributions from you for my latest masterpiece—diversification opportunities beyond ink on paper. Have you recently (last five years) added non-printing products and services? Categories include mailing/fulfillment, marketing services, database/list management, call centers, online storefronts, promotional products, etc. E-mail me at if you would like to participate.  Read More >>

ISO Printers Who Have Added Package Work

I'm working on an article for an upcoming issue of Printing Impressions that examines commercial printers who have diversified into package printing (including labels). I'm looking for a couple/three interview subjects willing to discuss their experiences, good and bad, and share what they've learned along the way. If you're interested, please e-mail me at with some basic info, and I will reach out to you.  Read More >>

Seeking Integrated Marketing Campaign Successes

I'm looking for printing companies that have success stories to tell with regards to integrated marketing campaigns. Have you equipped customers with all of the latest tools to help engage their customers and raise response rates? If so, we'd like to hear your story.



Toshiba, USPS Woes a Call to Arms...So Answer

As the USPS saga continues to unfold, the Printing and Paper Nation need to be heard from in spades. It's time to show our value to the American public, and be heard in a way that validates our products, services and existence.  Read More >>

Endured a Digital Doom? Talk to Me...

I'm looking for printers willing to share tales about when digital printing equipment attacks: cost of ownership deceptions, service and support nightmares, leasing the wrong gear for your needs, etc. Not looking to bash certain equipment, just cautionary tales with dos and don'ts.  Read More >>

Cowan Happy to Be Part of Political Process

Everyman printer Harvest Graphics plays host to Rick Santorum's GOP tour in a bid to become the Republican nominee and face off against Barack Obama in November.  Read More >>

Companies Mentioned:

One Hyundai Ride Not So Comfortable...

Don't take a page from the Hyundai book of customer service. The joy may be in the journey, but that doesn't apply to wild goose chases.  Read More >>

Feeling a Little Lost? Follow that Burning Desire

As the World Series plays itself out, I thought I'd share a tale relatable to the sport of baseball and tangentially bearing on our wonderful, whacky world of printing.  Read More >>

Herm Helps Provide Food for Thought, Soul and Stomach

Times may be hard for business, but they're especially tough for the homeless and the single parents struggling to make ends meet. Then there are guys like Herm, Yankee fan though he may be, who are helping to make life less difficult for those in need.  Read More >>

Print or Collect Stamps? Interview Subjects Needed

I’m looking to interview stamp printers for a feature on the evolution of this still-viable market niche. Or, if you're a printer who collects, I’d be interested in getting your views about stamps, their print quality and aesthetics.  Read More >>

Burton, UConn Make Amends

A few weeks back, Cenveo Chairman and CEO Bob Burton made national headlines (including on Yahoo! and ESPN) when he voiced his displeasure with the University of Connecticut’s hiring of a new football coach and threatened to rescind a $3 million donation to the program. He also asked that his name be removed from the Burton Family Football Complex.  Read More >>

Companies Mentioned:

Digital Finishing Casting Call

Erik Cagle is seeking printers to participate in a story about in-line, off-line or near-line finishing in a digital printing environment.  Read More >>

Industry Centers:

USPS ‘Helps Themselves’ in Effort to Drum Up Cash

The whole “God helps those...” phrase came to mind when I saw the press release put out by the U.S. Postal Service. Seems Mr. ZIP is now hawking ancillary products to boost the ol‘ coffers. Just in time for Christmas, the USPS is offering a pair of last-minute stocking stuffers  Read More >>

Industry Centers:

Recognizing Our Fundamental Flaw

How can we change the public perception that print is dying? It will take a united effort, because the campaign against printed products is in full force.  Read More >>

Companies Mentioned:

Wild Thing...You Make My Quad Sing!

Bumming around last weekend, still recovering from Graph Expo, when I decided to turn on the TV. Little did I expect to see a printing company reference in a movie I must've seen a dozen times.

Companies Mentioned: Uses Universal Language for Contest

Social networking sites can be fun but soon turn into "me, too" propositions, even from a business standpoint. has gone green in its marketing networking initiatives, but it's got nothing to do with environmental sustainability. It's a green that never goes out of style.  Read More >>

Companies Mentioned:

Does GRAPH EXPO Beckon?

Going to Chicago for GRAPH EXPO this fall? If so, drop me a line, as I'd like to pick your brain sometime this week or next for future project content.  Read More >>

Business Equation Doesn't Ad Up

The printing industry and B2B magazines are both fighting excess capacity and competing for shrinking ad dollar spends.  Read More >>


So I'm out of the office a few days at the National Postal Forum in Nashville, TN—where, hand to God, I saw Chet Atkins' gun collection—and an old amigo sends me this e-mail gem:  Read More >>

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