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Perception IS Reality

By Ryan Sauers

About Ryan

Ryan T. Sauers is president of Sauers Consulting Strategies and spent nearly 20 years leading printing and promotional product companies prior to founding the firm. The organization consults with printing and promotional product related companies across the country, helping them grow the front end of their organization. Sauers is working on his Doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership and is the author of the top-selling book “Everyone Is in Sales”, with another book in the works.  He is a Certified Myers Briggs Type Indicator and DiSC Practitioner and Certified Marketing Executive. Ryan writes national feature articles and speaks at national conferences on such topics as sales, marketing, communications, leadership, organizational strategy and social media. He is also an adjunct university professor. More info at

Do or Do Not: There Is No Try—Sauers' Sign Off

I’ll be taking a break from my "Today on PIworld" blog and video posts for the rest of 2014. Why? Because I need more time to finish writing my book, "Would You Buy from You? Your Brand Makes the Difference," due out in early 2015.  Read More >>

Sales Call: Did You Ask Why?

This week, I am giving you some tangible questions to ask on a sales call. These are only some of the many questions I like salespeople to ask or be thinking of on a sales call. Work on asking these questions and watch how much more you learn.  Read More >>

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Keep it Simple—and KISS!

You've probably heard the acronym KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid), right? In this blog, Ryan Sauers tells us how this can relate to all of our communications. Here are five things you should do to ensure your communication is effective and clear.

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Please Quit Using the Word 'Bid'

Bid. I hear this word all the time. You know, as in "we are bidding on this. Our bid looks good. They are letting us bid on this." Yes, I know what the word means, as it is defined in the dictionary. I am not saying you are grammatically incorrect in using it. However, every time I hear it, I cringe.  Read More >>

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In Sales, Face It...It All Comes Down to Price

In 2014, printing sales is quite simple as it all comes down to who has the lowest price. If you get your pricing tight, then you have a chance of winning some business. If you cannot do this, then buyers will not consider you. It is all about price and you must feel like a robot order taker.  Read More >>

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Right Noise: Lifting Your Message Above the Din

Our communications via phone, e-mail, text, in person and/or via social media are more important than ever. They make or break us as sales and/or marketing professionals. Is your message unique?  Read More >>

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Social Selling Mindset

Embracing a social selling mindset means that you understand you or your company must engaged to be “in on the conversation” that is taking place and hearing what people are saying and sharing...and thus be in on the “sales game.” If you do not do this then, yes, you are on the sidelines.  Read More >>

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Best Blog...Really?

In this post and future ones my goal will be to make them shorter. Why? We all have a lot on our plate and short attention spans. So, today we examine the word “best.”  Read More >>

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Do You Want More Time?

This week’s post is going to be simple as we are going to maximize our time. First, we all have a limited amount of time. As a matter of fact, it’s 24 hours in a day.  No more and no less. This is the same for every human being, thus it can be our greatest ally or our worst enemy.  Read More >>

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Don’t Think Outside the Box - Break the Box!

Instead of thinking outside the box, I challenge you to break the box in your thinking. Let me say it again...break the box. Let me explain it even more. Tear the box, destroy the box, live outside the box, shred the box...and decide no longer to be defined by the "confines of a box."  Read More >>

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Passion: A Key Ingredient of Leadership

The word passion, as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is a strong feeling of enthusiasm, of excitement for something or about doing something. It is my bias that when any great leader or leadership strategy is examined, positive passion and energy will be found.  Read More >>

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Time Out: Take a Breath

We finished last week’s blog post with STOP. So, I figured it would be good to reflect on this “thing” we call TIME. Time management is the greatest struggle many of us have. Are you satisfied with the things you are focused on or are you spending most of your time in crisis mode: slammed, buried, in the weeds, drowning, etc.?  Read More >>

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STOP, Collaborate and Listen

This week we have a short blog post...with special thanks to Vanilla Ice. Why a short post? We are all busy, slammed, buried—you know the drill. So, here we go and we will only focus on the word STOP.  Read More >>

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On the Phone or Away from My Desk

I have been thinking a lot of why human beings are so routine, regulated and robotic in behavior. For instance, many say, in our voicemail recording that “I am either on the phone or away from my desk.” Now let’s PAUSE.   Read More >>

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In Sales: Take the Road Less Traveled

You cannot take just any road; but a road that you have strategically chosen that fits both your own interest areas, as well as the services your company excels in providing. You will find that many such buyers/companies you encounter along this road do not get contacted as often as others.  Read More >>

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Great Leaders Are Consistent

The word leadership gets brought up in many discussions. It is the way in which we grow, modify and change our organizational or individual strategy. One characteristic I see many strong leaders sharing is their consistency in behavior.

Free Sales Strategies to Consider

There are many “sales things” we do that REALLY are not sales things at all. Are you the best person to be doing that press check? Do you really need to go have lunch with that same client again? The only way to focus on bottom line and proactive activities that need to be done now is to rid yourself of time wasters and ask if “this is the best use of my time?”  Read More >>

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3 Important Questions About Marketing

Last week, I asked five-focused questions in regard to sales. This week I ask three questions that you should be asking yourself in regards to marketing. This process demands that you reflect on where you are as a marketer.  Read More >>

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Free Sales Information: Five Focused Questions to Ask

I am going to give you some free information. It includes five questions (of many) you should be asking your clients and prospects. By asking deep questions and truly listening, you can begin to see their pain points and frustration areas. And, you can really solve their problems.  Read More >>

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Do You Wish You Had More Time?

Since we all have the same amount of time, the choice is ours as to what we do with it. For example, if you are reading and reflecting on this blog post that takes time. Everything we do, consciously or subconsciously, takes some of our time.  Read More >>

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