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Founder, Print Buyers International (PBI)

Margie's Buyer Insights

By Margie Dana

About Margie

Long regarded as a print buyer expert and trade writer, Margie Dana launched her new business in 2013 as a marketing communications strategist with a specialty in printing and print buying. Now she’s on a mission to help clients build customer communities through carefully crafted content.

You may know Margie as the producer of the annual Print & Media Conference. Although she’s exited the event production business, she’s still publishing her Print Tips newsletter. She looks forward to helping companies create and style all of their content so their potential customers sit up and take notice. For details and to sign up for her Print Tips and new marketing blog, visit or e-mail Margie at

I Know What Print Buyers Don’t Want

Last week, a printer emailed me asking if I had a handy list of what print buyers want. While had I intended to create that list here today, I opted instead to turn it on its head and tell you what print buyers don’t want.  Read More >>

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Oh, the Humanity! Of Personal Biases and Printing

We wear ourselves down into puddles of exhaustion dissecting the specific qualities that print customers demand of their print providers—when, in the end, it all comes down to personal biases. Doesn’t it??  Read More >>

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Printers as Media Advisors

Like everyone else in this field, I’m wondering what the printing industry will look like in 10 years. Heck, I’m thinking it will be quite a bit different in 2015. I’m getting whiplash watching one new media tool after another change the face of doing business — and turning print on its inky head.  Read More >>

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Standout Printers

When I think about what separates an ordinary printer from a real standout, my mind circles around characteristics and behaviors that don’t even deal with putting ink on a substrate.  Read More >>

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What's Your Strong Suit?

The other day a printer cold-called me, saying that his was a minority-owned and certified business, and could he please get on our bid list.  Read More >>

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Eight Business Principles for Success as a Printer

If you read too much from the experts, it would lead you to believe the only way to succeed is to be an Internet based company.  Read More >>

Do Printers Hire Former Print Buyers?

Wouldn’t an experienced print buyer make a terrific CSR? They can practically hit the ground running. What about print sales? Selling skills are a whole different animal, I know, but surely there are former buyers who have the “sales gene,” and with some training and guidance they could be very successful at selling print and related services.  Read More >>

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You’re a Printer. Stop Denying It!

I've had it with printing companies masquerading as marketing solutions providers. You’re not ashamed of being a printer, are you? You know you're a printer if  Read More >>

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Who's the Boss?

Since commercial print quality is more or less the same anywhere you go today, I suggest that printing firms find ways to add value to their client experiences, in ways large (ancillary services) and small (be personable).  Read More >>

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Ask and You Shall Receive

As you crack open that new 2010 calendar, and face the prospect of not knowing what the heck would make your print customers happy — happy enough, that is, to stick with you for the long haul — may I suggest the easiest solution? Ask them.  Read More >>

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Stop Sending Those %*&#@!! Emails!

Here's a sure-fire way to turn off prospects: Send them unwanted emails that blatantly and shamelessly sell your products. You know the ones I mean: they come from Printer XYZ and tout things like "Brochures 50% Off!" or "Flyer Special through Friday Only!"  Read More >>

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The Buyer Will See You Now. Or Not.

Don't take it personally if a print buying prospect declines to meet with you. She (or he) is constantly working on multiple projects. Print buyers' roles are changing drastically, because print is no longer the primary medium of choice.

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The Object of Print Buyers' Affection

What's clear to me about serious, professional print buyers is not so much their skill and savvy; rather, it's their affection for print. What concerns me is the "incoming class" of freshmen print buyers. They won't seek out jobs as print buyers out of a love for the medium. They will be generalists who must be comfortable with different media.  Read More >>

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Perils of Bypassing the Print Buyer

It's understandable that evolved printing firms want to meet with marketing. Problems arise when they approach marketing directly, but are still seen as printers. Marketing execs may bounce them over to the print buying team, which may react as I did years ago — ticked off. Hopes for that printer are dashed.  Read More >>

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How NOT to Impress a Prospect

Is this how a printer in 2009 thinks he can impress a prospect? Not only did he mumble, making me strain to understand the company name as well as his own, but then he did something so lame that I almost felt sorry for the guy.  Read More >>

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Born to Blog about Print Buyers

I like to think of myself as a lifeline for buyers to the print industry — and vice versa. There are bridges to be built and information to be shared. . . on both ‘sides.’ That, in a nutshell, is what I am all about.  Read More >>

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