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Mary Schilling

Inkjet Genie

By Mary Schilling

About Mary

Mary Schilling works with all the elements of the digital process-from conventional and inkjet technologies to fluids and substrates-and provides technical support to print providers on optimizing print quality while lowering total print cost.

Understanding the dynamics of the digital marketplace, and the incredible growth and advancements in inkjet technology, Mary provides customers with print quality, color gamut, fluid consumption, machine and print quality analysis, utilizing G7 methodology. She also works with inkjet fluid and machine developers to align paper development of new, innovative inkjet substrates.

As the owner of Schilling Inkjet Consulting, she consults with fluid and inkjet machinery suppliers and end users on how to improve color and print quality for paper, plastics, metal, fabric and glass with UV, solvent and aqueous inkjet fluids.

Mary received Innovator of the Year awards from the Flexographic Technical Association and from Xplor International for her efforts in closing the gap between document printing and digital packaging.

She is G7 certified and a member of the IDEAlliance Print Properties Committee.


Production Inkjet Is Not Ready to Save Your Life

Production inkjet is a wonderful technology for many types of printing, but it is not right for everyone. The print requirements must direct the process. Or, in medical terms, you cannot "treat" something properly if you don’t have an accurate diagnosis.  Read More >>

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Media (Not Size) Matters

I had the pleasure speaking at the Digital Book Printing Conference co-hosted by Printing Impressions and Book Business magazines on Nov. 19th in New York City. Although I spoke about the technical aspects of integrating inkjet printing into their digital printing processes, it was very evident throughout the conference that “printed” books are decreasing.  Read More >>

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Jobs Not Designed for Inkjet: You Only Have Yourself to Blame

Technology is moving forward, and production is integrating new processes and equipment into the workflow. More often than not, though, creative departments are not being properly trained about these new processes that they must design for.  Read More >>

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High-Speed Aqueous Inkjet: Excuse Me, But You’re Bleeding...

This year, more than ever, I’ve heard about printers having issues with the water resistance of prints produced on their high-speed aqueous inkjet printers. Printing companies are hearing from their customers that the ink on the bills and statements, when received in the mail, are bleeding, wicking and offsetting to other mail, or are totally illegible.  Read More >>

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Candy, Anyone?

Although I love summer, I really look forward to the fall season and the print shows each year at McCormick Place in Chicago. It is a truly exciting time seeing all the new technologies and devices. It is like being a kid in a candy store.  Read More >>

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I’m Ready to Smack Some Salespeople...

For those of you who are investigating high-speed inkjet, when talking to your OEM, be sure you request your supplier’s best and brightest when discussing how to best integrate high-speed inkjet into your existing operations. Or align yourself with an industry expert who can help with the evaluation, qualification and justification process. Your production department will certainly thank you for it.  Read More >>

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Confession: Yes, I’m an Inkjet Junkie

During the course of almost two decades, the more inkjet I got involved with, the more I needed to incorporate inkjet into my daily life, oh, I mean production. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the greatest “suppliers,” I mean ink chemists, who have made creating great color and print quality the easy part of my job. Working with UV platforms gave me the extra rush I needed, for the time being.  Read More >>

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High-Speed Inkjet: "Getting It"

Documation, in Eau Claire, WI, specializing in graphic design, Web-to-print storefront solutions, printing, as well as full-service bindery and mail services. But what Documation does exceptionally well...they have taken high-speed aqueous pigment inkjet to a whole new level.  Read More >>

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Inkjet at the Summit - 2014

I had the pleasure to be a speaker at this year’s 2014 Inkjet Summit. It was jammed packed with amazing content from new and existing inkjet adopters, as well as integrators, consumables suppliers and equipment manufacturers. This conference is unlike any other, as it is all about “the learning experience” and “sharing vital content.”  Read More >>

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Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

For a successful paper relationship, the supplier should understand your inkjet process and the ink-to-paper compatibility, as well as how you use the paper. The amount of ink applied, paper thickness, surface type and post-processing needed creates a successful print run. Understanding your partner is the biggest part of any relationship.  Read More >>

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Inkjet: Putting the Right Pieces Together

The other day, someone asked me “if I could simplify high-speed, wide-format, aqueous inkjet in one simple explanation what would it be?” So, like many times before, I referred back to a trusty childhood toy: “Mr. Potato Head.”  Read More >>

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“Show Up and Throw Up”

As I have mentioned many times before in my blogs, it is the market’s responsibility to teach new and existing users the differences and the impact inkjet will have now and in the future. And to make them feel comfortable with changes that will occur to their processes and markets.  Read More >>

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2014: The Year of the Print Head

2014 should be a year of innovation. I am calling it “The Year of the Print Head.” As we have seen in 2013, there are many new uses for print heads that we could never have imagined just a few years back. As I have had my head engulfed in new chemistries and technology for the 2D printing markets, 3D has quickly risen with a WOW factor.  Read More >>

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G7 for High-Speed Aqueous Inkjet, Yes You Can!

Choosing an inkjet-compatible paper will provide a more stable platform to print to G7 Gray. Some coated inkjet papers using aqueous pigment inks will even achieve G7 Color. How do you currently measure, match or control your high-speed aqueous inkjet processes?  Read More >>

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Offset to Aqueous Inkjet...the Basic Differences

Do you currently sell both offset and inkjet? Are you confident that your sales staff understands the basic differences? Not knowing will affect your sales and integration of new technology.  Read More >>

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Inkjet’s Favorite Drink

Until there is an inkjet fluid that dries quickly and stays on the uncoated paper surface, designers wanting to design to the machine color space will have to require the printer to “fingerprint” the machine on the uncoated paper, as well as request the output profile for soft proofing. We can call this proofing profile “Uncoated Kool-Aid.”  Read More >>

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Inkjet Is Like a Teenager...

The inkjet industry’s lack of communication reminds me of my 16-year-old teenager. He is a bright, creative, innovative and responsible young man, whom I can depend upon to be consistent and hard working. But, when it comes to communication  Read More >>

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Whose Responsibility Is It?

Inkjet is a new and wonderful “disruptive technology” that is ever-changing to adapt to customer and market needs. Speed requirements are pushing print head jetting capabilities which, in turn, is requiring changes in inkjet fluid chemistry.  Read More >>

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