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Thaddeus B. Kubis

Converging Technologies and Print

By Thaddeus B. Kubis

About Thaddeus B.

Thaddeus B. Kubis is an integrated marketing communications, media convergence, and experiential marketing evangelist.

A passionate believer in the integration of all online and offline media, inter-digital integration, unified communications, the measurement and ROMI of any marketing program based on results, Thad acts as profit advocate for his myriad of clients.

A Two for One on Print’s Future

This week’s blog will focus on two different, but related, topics. The first is a product release that could have powerful implications for media convergence and print. The second is a look at the need to bring divergent technologies together.  Read More >>

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Once Upon a Time There Was This New Thing...

The Kingdom of Publishing was a happy and safe land. Within its secure borders, the Kingdom did not see the rise from within of economic distress, mass migration and the paper burning snake-like dragon housed within the homes of subjects.  Read More >>

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Moving Beyond On Demand

On demand as a term has been driven home to printers and print enablers as being (years ago) the future. But what is the future now? We are living in a post-digital age. Everything is on demand.  Read More >>

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It Was a Good Week for Print

It all began with an e-mail notice from one of the 16 newsletter sites that I monitor. The link caught my attention—“highlights, four key points, drives magazines”—and the added term of “circulation” in the headline forced my finger to send the cursor over and click on the link.

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Take a Different Tack to Beat the Price Trap

I had a number of calls and e-mails that offered commentary on the concepts (thinking differently and focusing on customer-centric communications) presented in my last blog entry. Overall, the comments supported the idea, but nearly everyone asked, How?  Read More >>

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Thinking Differently About Communication

If you can embrace the idea to think differently, then you don’t call yourself a printer, marketer, print provider, marketing services provider, or any other of the hundreds of name you have been told to use. There is only one thing that you are  Read More >>

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Delivery, Touches or Communicate?

I think the term delivery no longer works in this high-tech world. Delivery, for me, is a guy riding a bike with a package under his arm or the FedEx/UPS person dropping of that overnight delivery. No, we need a new term. Some say “touch” is the correct word; that could work, but not for me. I like communicate.  Read More >>

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Kill the Message, not the Messenger!

We have all heard the story of what happens to the poor messenger who delivers the bad news. Well, what you need to consider is that the messenger is not the problem—the message may be the culprit. Think about the process and products of print being the messenger.  Read More >>

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Why Do You Need a Website?

In an age long ago, the three “Rs” would have been the definitive path to follow. Today, things change and the three “Rs” have been replaced with the three “Cs”—computing, communications and content, presented in a deliverable and measured manner, otherwise known as Media Convergence.  Read More >>

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Get Your Head in the Cloud

Consider the possibility of printing an active RFID tag with nanotechnology and being able to track that tag via your cloud. Think about gathering information from that tag or tracking device and offering your client the ability to “talk” to the consumer on multiple levels, via technology the end-user desires and at the time and place of their choosing.  Read More >>

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Questioning My Media Convergence Logic?

The entire media process is now becoming a continuous stream—a single chain of communications and media, converging to one defined center point. What is the center point? You! Or perhaps more precisely, your wallet. What does this have to do with printers? Well, just about everything.  Read More >>

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The Next Big Thing?

OK, you've heard that before and are ready to click me off your browser window. But wait, there is a new thing out there and it is called Media Convergence, or Converging Media, and this new dynamic will be the subject of this blog. So what is media convergence?  Read More >>

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