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Thaddeus B. Kubis

Converging Technologies and Print

By Thaddeus B. Kubis

About Thaddeus B.

Thaddeus B. Kubis is an integrated marketing communications, media convergence, and experiential marketing evangelist.

A passionate believer in the integration of all online and offline media, inter-digital integration, unified communications, the measurement and ROMI of any marketing program based on results, Thad acts as profit advocate for his myriad of clients.

Duh! It’s not the Technology…

It’s how you use it. We—and that we includes marketers, printers, creatives and any and all involved in the trade of communications—have so much technology, that few really understand the process to use, gain and profit from it.  Read More >>

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The Death of the Internet!

Will the disaster of the Facebook IPO be the final nail in the coffin of the Internet? No I don’t think so. However, I do think that the Internet and all that is lumped together under it and the various “e-” terms are going to be redefined.  Read More >>

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The Most Important Product You Offer is not Print!

The market seems to be looking to 2013 as a year that will be less negative for printing and related trades. All that is needed for you to gain market share is to provide clients information—the correct information!  Read More >>

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The Future: People Convergence!

We may gain productivity improvements when we adopt new technology, but, to be honest, we now need to start to understand that our true future lies in the technology of people—our workers, the staff we will all hire to manage, operate and develop the latest in technology.  Read More >>

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Print and Media Convergence - A Commonality

There are five attributes that the realms of print and media convergence share. Most printers should find the five attributes familiar, if not downright recognizable, and will agree that print and the world of media convergence have a common future.  Read More >>

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Consumer Trends are Your Friends! – Part II: The Solution

The necessary action to counter and capitalize on the 10 consumer trends detailed in my last blog is to offer targeted and enhanced personalized communications—personalized communications with microsites and landing pages that are designed to be friendly, game-based, differentiated by language and cultural needs, and support traceability.  Read More >>

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Consumer Trends are Your Friends! – Part I

In a recent article published by Forbes, Mark Potts indicated that there are 10 consumer trends wreaking havoc on brands. Looking at these trends from a print and media convergence point of view, it seems that a printer can take advantage of some of these trends in order to gain business.   Read More >>

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One drupa—Many Locations

The technology exists and is used throughout the media world to integrate nearly any event—including drupa—with print, multimedia, video, interactive sites and more. The one world of Neu drupa can be customized by country, language, need, niche, use, interest, exhibitor, product or service and be offered not only online, but in the same manner as is the HD broadcasts mentioned.  Read More >>

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drupa - Is It Still Relevant?

drupa, the very big elephant in the printing trade show room, is only two months away. As such, I need to ask a question. With printers struggling and the print industry in great disorder, is drupa still relevant?  Read More >>

The “P” Word Needs Rebranding

In my opinion, the printing/graphic arts industry needs two things: a new name and a futurist. In the course of an industry’s or organization’s lifecycle, a new “brand” sometimes needs to be developed. For example, what once was the Department of War is now called the Department of Defense.  Read More >>

Three New Year’s Considerations for Success in 2012

I do not have a top 10 list of resolutions or suggestions for 2012; the only fact that I can nearly guarantee is that the world will not end on Dec. 21. What I will say is to consider the following:  Read More >>

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The United Nations of Communications

Recently, as a guest of IDEAlliance, I attended the back-to-back seminars “Beyond Print: The Keys to Tablet Publishing” and “The Creative Workflow: How to Achieve the Best Color Result.” Both events provided fertile soil for planting, growing and harvesting the future of media convergence.  Read More >>

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Unrestricted Marketing Warfare - Media Convergence at Work

With unrestricted marketing warfare, marketing weapons can be used to overwhelm the consumer and control their purchasing power. Start with print—the faithful, heavy artillery of marketing. Next, add some stealth, such as emerging technologies—QR codes, SMS, and mobile sites—all linked to the Internet via personalized microsites  Read More >>

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The Future: Close-the-Loop Marketing

Recently, I spoke about the need to link all components of marketing—both hard and soft—into a fully integrated marketing weapon. I explained that true integration would eventually be defined as media convergence and what I termed a “close-the-loop” logic trail.  Read More >>

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Social Media and Integrated Marketing Are Dead!

Yes, let me be the first to say it, SMID. Got it? Now get over it; it’s done. For all the good President Obama may have done, he blew it this time..and he killed social media in the process. Did his advisors forget that those soon to be of voting age prefer the immediacy of texting and Tweeting over sending e-mails, or is this just a plot to get the other party (not the one at my house this weekend) to do something equally inept?  Read More >>

The New Normal is the Old Normal: People and Personalities

I think personalities drive many businesses and many business segments. DMA’s Larry Kimmel is the personality of integrated marketing. He is an integrated man—a guy with many facets, many talents and many ways of getting his message across.

Media Convergence Takes Physical Form at Pack East

Pack East brings together comprehensive design, manufacturing and packaging solutions under one roof. I see this bundling as just one additional level of the proof of concept for Media Convergence. Yes, a trade show is not contained within the traditional definition of media, but in actuality, trade shows or events of this scale are truly Media Convergence in practice.  Read More >>

Book ’em Danno!

Last week, I attended the Book Expo America and the TechCrunch Disrupt events. Both were well attended, but the scope of each and the way they see the future of media—and the convergence of that media—is what I found to be very interesting.  Read More >>

Making It Happen

I think we need to move the argument away from print dying. Allowing an “old” form of communication to be replaced—or perhaps, the better word is substituted—by a new, very similar form is the goal; not the destruction of any one media.  Read More >>

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Ready, Set, Converge on a Definition

If you look to a number of “definitions,” nearly all define media convergence as the integration of computing power (primarily the Internet), communications and content. They are known as the three “Cs,” but there is a fourth “C”—the consumer.  Read More >>

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