Digital Printing

Lasting Impressions: ¡Viva la Cuba!
July 25, 2016 at 12:16 pm

With the United States establishing relations with the island nation of Cuba, it's only natural to think about what opportunities this could present for American printers and technology providers. Print broker guru Vince Mallardi checks in from his own island paradise, Hawaii, to speak with Erik Cagle about how U.S. companies can play any number of roles in the development of Cuba's printing industry.

The 2016 Gold Ink Awards: Judging Week
July 21, 2016 at 10:41 am

In a quick recap of the 2016 Gold Ink Awards judging week, judges Erin Brennan of FCB, and Deborah Corn of the Print Media Centr, provide insight into what makes a winning entry stand out from the rest. The winners of the 2016 Gold Ink Awards will be announced in the September issue of Printing Impressions!

New CEO Mary Lee Schneider, Technology Boost Spark Wave of Change at SG360°
July 18, 2016

Mary Lee Schneider, the new president and CEO of SG360°, a Segerdahl company, didn't picture herself sitting in the captain's chair of another printing industry heavyweight following her successful 20-year career with RR Donnelley. But SG360° provided a fresh approach to the market, one she couldn't resist.

Intech Printing & Direct Mail Finds Perfect Leadership Match
July 15, 2016

After nearly three decades in business, David Wacker — the owner of Intech Printing & Direct Mail — was ready to take his Naples, Fla.-based business to the next level. "I wanted to get more aggressive in terms of sales growth and expansion, but I realized it would be quite a large undertaking to do it all by myself." As luck would have it, Wacker came in contact with Rodney Held and Dale Haddad.

The Relationship Between Printers and Agencies
July 12, 2016 at 3:12 pm

Erik Cagle talks to Gold Ink Awards judge Erin Brennan, VP and Director of Print Production at FCB, about how the relationship between agencies and printers has evolved over the years.