Unhappily Ever After
August 1, 2012

Every month, Steve Olson, owner of Steve Olson Printing and Design, writes a check for $700 to pay for a glorified paper weight.

Filling the Mid-Range Void
August 1, 2011

About two years ago, Hudson moved from a conventional, film-based platemaking process to a computer-to-plate (CTP) workflow.

Matichon of Thailand Uses Kodak CTP and Plates to Grow Business
January 14, 2011

Matichon Company of Thailand uses KODAK TRENDSETTER 800 Platesetters, KODAK THERMALNEWS GOLD Digital Plates for newspaper printing and KODAK ELECTRA XD Plates for commercial printing. The results are high-quality output, greater efficiency and profitability, and a partnership with Kodak that has one of Thailand's leading newspaper, magazine and book printers poised for growth.