Fold Picker
July 9, 2012

Fabulously handy, this folding idea fanbook promises to breathe new life into your print projects. The 2-sided publication offers 30 low-to moderate-budget "frugal" folding options in one direction, and with a simple flip, offers 30 high-budget "fabulous" folding splurges in the other direction. Produced by and Sappi Fine Paper.

Binding, Finishing, and Mailing: The Final Word
May 30, 2012

The graphic arts industry has experienced tremendous change in the last quarter century. While the prepress and press areas have received the majority of the attention from the trade media, the bindery and finishing areas have gone largely unnoticed ... until now.

At the Finishing Line: A Primer for New Bindery Workers
May 30, 2012

Despite its position in the graphic arts workflow, binding and finishing is an integral part of the entire print production process, affecting every step that comes before it, from design through printing.

And though it's the last stop before a job is shipped, mailed, or distributed, it is every bit as crucial as earlier stages.

The quality of bindery work can ruin or save a print job once it reaches this stage.

Although today's binderythe place where most finishing operations take placeis becoming more technologically advanced through computerization and automation, bindery workers must first have an understanding of the whole host of operations, from the simple to the complex, that make up the finishing line.
These include cutting and trimming, folding, applying a variety of binding options, utilizing specialty or decorative techniques, and more.