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Kelly Mallozzi


By Kelly Mallozzi

About Kelly

Now working as a consultant, Kelly sold digital printing for 15 years so she understands the challenges, frustrations and pitfalls of building a successful sales practice. Her mission is to help printers of all sizes sell more stuff. Kelly's areas of focus include client recovery, retention and acquisition, and marketing communications projects.
Kelly graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Political Science and, among other notable accomplishments, co-founded the Windy City Rollers, a professional women's roller derby league.


So Long, Farewell (For Now)

If all goes well, in a little over a week I will be delivering my second set of twins. And yes, that means I will have my hands full. And yes, that means I will have four children under four. And yes, that means I am probably wildly optimistic (as one of my clients constantly tells me) about what I will be capable of doing in the coming months.

Facing uncertainty is something most of us deal with on a fairly regular basis, so I am nothing special. What I am is committed to this industry, and to you my readers. 

I am also a bit of a realist, so to tell you that my blog will appear weekly with no interruption would be quite a fallacy.

So here’s what I will tell you. I’m taking a break. 

I don’t know for how long. I won’t be able to promise you that when I do come back, you will see my posts weekly. But what I can tell you is that I will keep my eyes and ears open, my ideas churning, to the extent that I can on no sleep, and there will come a time when I will be back in full force.

So, goodbye for now. Maybe for a few weeks, maybe for a couple of months. But please know that I will always appreciate those of you who read my stuff, send me messages, and make comments. Your participation means more to me than I can say. You can always continue to reach out, as long as you promise to cut me some slack with regard to the speed of my responses. Like all of you, I’m doing the best that I can.

Thank you for everything, and in the eternal words of Arnold Schwarzenegger...

I’ll be back.

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