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Thaddeus B. Kubis

Converging Technologies and Print

By Thaddeus B. Kubis

About Thaddeus B.

Thad has developed The Institute For Media Convergence (, into a leading Media Convergence research group and NAK Integrated Marketing Inc., ( an internationally known, integrated marketing resource utilizing emerging technologies linked to print.

One drupa—Many Locations

The technology exists and is used throughout the media world to integrate nearly any event—including drupa—with print, multimedia, video, interactive sites and more. Just look at HD camera technology.

According to an article in the March issue of WIRED, the most recent installment of “The Hobbit” has been captured by The Scarlet, a very exciting HD video system that can be customized for nearly any need. Link that video to print-based technology, such as Digimark, QR codes, Snap tags, video control panels, augmented reality, and interactive banners, all of which offer 3D and 360-degree views, and you have begun the process of integration and media convergence

I am sure you have heard, if not seen, the HD broadcast offered by the Metropolitan Opera, or a more recent event—“Leonardo Live”— broadcast from the U.K. National Gallery and presented via digital and high-def-equipped theaters. If not, you should; this is a great model for the Neu drupa!

Move up the media convergence food chain, and use print-based media such as advertisements, direct mail—personalized, of course—and dimensional packaging to communicate with various segments, verticals and interested prospects.

Use the customer data you have captured on micro sites and are gathering to break the dated mold of static communications.

Add personalized video to the mix, along with personalized e-mails, all tracked on the cloud via landing pages. These landing pages and micro sites provide a full spectrum of data capture, including usage, interest, referrals, return on investment, and more data.

Well, you are now starting to prove the point that print can “play” with other technologies and succeed.

Keep the flow moving. Take a look at how publishing has responded to a changing market—tablet versions, mobile options, interactive video and more. What about dimensional and packaging-like inserts, I am a sure publisher like NAPCO and others would jump at the chance to highlight unique and creative print media venues.

Want more? What about ethnic, regional, vertical and segmentation issues? The one world of Neu drupa can be customized by country, language, need, niche, use, interest, exhibitor, product or service and be offered not only online, but in the same manner as is the HD broadcasts mentioned. drupa can also be customized as a private channel on cable and on YouTube.

Use print, dimensional print, personalized print and interactive print to get people, students, educators, prospects, clients, and marketers to the theaters or points of exhibition. Yes, work on getting other integrated and related industries to the theaters as well. Prnt commerce is now only a part of the chain of communication; we are able to make it a critical part of that chain.

Once you gather the targeted audience at the viewing locations, give them printed, interactive brochures and send the most qualified leads, prospects and contacts to the exhibitors/sponsors of the demo site.

Exhibitors can use the money saved on supporting the old drupa by adding to the user experience, extending the sales process and engaging the customers who are qualified to see, feel and touch the real thing—equipment, products and services.

Old drupa has four years to prepare for the Neu drupa. In fact, drupa should start the planning now—not to challenge me and what I am suggesting, but to partner with people like me and get ready for the next drupa, a drupa that is market driven, response focused, and truly worldwide.

I am ready to help! What do you think?

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