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President, Print Oasis Print Buyers Conference

Connecting with Print Buyers

By Suzanne Morgan

About Suzanne

Suzanne Morgan is president of the annual Print Oasis Print Buyers Conference ( and Print Buyers, a free educational e-community for print buyers and their print suppliers ( PBO has more than 11,000 members who buy $13 billion a year in printing. PBO conducts weekly research on buying trends and teaches organizations how to work more effectively with their print suppliers.


No Surprise: Bad Economy Yields Travel Restrictions for Print Buyers and Suppliers

May 5, 2009

Below are the results of the latest Print Buyers Weekly Quick Poll survey, which encourages our print buyer and supplier members to share their thoughts on issues that affect the graphic arts industry.

Due to the economy, has your company put restrictions on business travel?

a) Absolutely. Our company prohibits business travel unless there is an extraordinary circumstance.
25% / 33% (Print Buyers / Print Suppliers)

b) Sometimes. We are still allowed to travel on business if the request meets certain standards.
53% / 67%

c) No. Business travel has not been restricted at my company.
21% / 0%

d) I don’t know; I don’t conduct business trips.
2% / 0%

Comments from survey participants:
"Business travel to see clients is permitted only when necessary; travel between our company offices is not permitted, and we must use an online meeting service (such as"
"We choose and plan our business trips wisely. Usually only 1 or 2 people go and hotels are always chosen on lowest price available." Melissa Sztelle, Sr. Production/Traffic Manager, Evolve Design Group
"Our company has purchased Fleet Vehicles to use. They anticipate saving over $500,000 in mileage reimbursements."

"Travel has not been restricted, and in fact we will travel more for press approvals this year than in 2008. We have increased our print quantities and budgets and will be working with some new vendors, who we will need to get acquainted with." Lynn Hamilton, Production, Oceania Cruises
The views expressed by our members are not necessarily the views of Print Buyers We feel that it's important to share diverse opinions, even if we do not agree with them.


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