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Thaddeus B. Kubis

Converging Technologies and Print

By Thaddeus B. Kubis

About Thaddeus B.

Thad has developed The Institute For Media Convergence (, into a leading Media Convergence research group and NAK Integrated Marketing Inc., ( an internationally known, integrated marketing resource utilizing emerging technologies linked to print.

drupa - Is It Still Relevant?

drupa, the very big elephant in the printing trade show room, is only two months away. As such, I need to ask a question—one that is particularly important in this time of economic depression. With printers struggling and the print industry in great disorder, is drupa still relevant?

I would argue that drupa, as it is today, has run its course and that a more interactive, technology-based effort needs to be developed.

Trade show events are still viable, but they need to be of a controlled size and in a controlled environment. drupa can continue to co-exist with the evolving graphic arts industry, but the industry needs to be given options to see, view, test, touch and feel the equipment on display.

Forget the fun of a trade show. I have been to drupa four times, and each time I had a blast. However, does that justify the event itself?

Most industries have seen trade show attendance and exhibitor numbers decline by double-digit figures. Some have experienced slight increases, but at the end of the day, again, I have to ask—Is drupa relevant?

Only a small segment of the American print industry ever attends a drupa. Most Americans, instead, choose to attend GRAPH EXPO in Chicago in the fall—which, by the way, should no longer be an annual event. A once-every-four-years schedule works for me.

The print industry needs to rethink every aspect of its existence, from the equipment it sells and products it offers to the level and type of services provided and, yes, the way it is perceived in the new world of one-to-one and integrated communications.

I have noted in this blog before that print needs new ambassadors, along with a futurist who is linked to other industries—industries that use print and turn a profit from prnt commerce. drupa seems like an island in time that, well, is stuck in the past.

Yes, the technology at drupa may be revolutionary, and it may be the future (perhaps), but is the level of display at a drupa really needed? Fourteen days seems a bit excessive to me.

OK, it is a world show, and as the brochure from drupa proclaims, “One World—One drupa.” But that is wrong; we no longer live in one world. We live in many worlds, on one planet. The segmentation of the B2B market has overtaken and overrun any arguments made about one world.

I love print, I support print, and it tears my print-based heart to pieces to see the scope of such an event etched in stone like the long-ago replaced litho stone.

What do you think?

PS: Next blog, One drupa—Many locations


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