Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson, president and CEO of Copresco in Carol Stream, Ill., is an executive with 40 years of experience in the graphic arts. He founded Copresco, a pioneer in digital printing technology and on-demand printing, in 1987. Email or visit

Looks Are Important in Direct Mail

I get so many solicitations that my office staff doesn’t usually even pass them along to me. But this one was different.

Lessons From A Bruised Apple

Apple Inc. (formerly known as Apple Computer) is one of the most gushed-about companies in the world. It is impossible to read a business publication without finding an article fawning over Apple’s success. I personally hesitate to use Apple as an example for businesses.

What Printers Can Learn from Bowling

In the case of printing, as in most business-to-business transactions, delay only lessens value. Time is money. Like in bowling, your clients don’t want to wait 10 extra seconds for a ball return. Don’t make them wait even one extra day to receive their orders.

See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me, Read Me

I think I can safely declare that any medium that isn’t print is limited to stimulating only two of our five senses: sight and hearing.