Philip Beyer

Philip Beyer

Philip Beyer, founder/president of Ebiz Products LLC and founder of Beyer Printing Inc. in Nashville Tenn., is a chronic entrepreneur, business systems analyst and consultant. Author of “System Busters: How to Stop Them in Your Business and recipient of an InterTech Technology Award for the design and development of System100 business process management software. Beyer speaks to business owners across the country on how to bring lean, sustainable order to their businesses. Contact him at (615) 425-2652.

A Small Business Owner's Biggest Fear

It’s said, the #1 human fear is public speaking, but I would argue, the thought of making sales calls ranks right up there with public speaking as a small business owner’s biggest fear. Especially, the dreaded COLD CALL!

Quit Acting like an Employee - Take Ownership!

When we think of ourselves merely as employees, our expectations are generally low, regarding loyalty and anything more than an hourly wage. Whatever happened to taking ownership of our job or position, in order to help better the company; thereby, improving conditions, opportunities and salaries for all concerned?

The Small Business Engine: Looking Under the Hood

What IS under the hood of your business? With hardly any power, your business sputters and stops, causing frustrations to all onboard. Therefore, errors, miscommunications, and mismanagement happen every single day it’s operating. Has it become the norm more than the exception?

I'm the Boss of Me!

I am one of seven brothers, and you can imagine the “king of the hill” games we played as kids. As one of the youngest, I’d get lots of orders from the bigger brothers, and bravely stood up to them with, "You’re not the boss of me!" I didn’t know then, how true that statement was!

Customer Retention Business System Pays Dividends

The most blogged and written-about topic in business is, SALES, sales and more sales. Next to sales articles, the hot topic is MARKETING, marketing, and more marketing. Business professionals are drawn to these topics like flies to a flame, and will tell you, “Nothing happens without sales.” Consequently, there’s not as much written about Customer Retention versus Sales and Marketing.

A Mighty Giant for Green Sustainability

let me tell you about a Mighty Giant that promotes Green sustainability, by stomping out waste in your business. Loads of Green money is apt to appear out of nowhere as a result!

Why LEAN Fails 98% of the Time

I spoke at a Continual Improvement Conference in Lexington Ky., several years ago. Sharing speaker billing with specialists who regularly implement and train companies on the virtues of LEAN, was a privilege. I especially appreciated meeting these Lean authorities and watching their presentations!

Non-Biased Business Systems

Non-biased business systems enable management to make good decisions without presumption or partiality. Systems are inanimate objects, as they have no predisposition or prejudice. Although they do process data that is input by humans, systems have no feelings or prejudgments, regarding data results.

A Hands-on-Everything Method of Madness

I’ve worked with many small-to-midsize businesses for many years to help them implement lean practices via SOP (standard operating procedures) documentation. However, many more businesses continue to cling to old methods, that have noticeably driven them to frenzied activity. I would call that madness.

Simplification of Business

When you envision a simple business, think about a kid’s lemonade stand. It has one product, one price and almost no overhead. The more simplified you can design a business to be, the easier it is to manage and even franchise.

Good Luck With Your Business

For the "Ten Thoses" out there in the business world, I would like to remind you that every frustration in your business is due to a lack of a SYSTEM! When someone comes into your office for the tenth time in a month, saying, “We had to re-do a job, due to a stupid error” ... That’s frustrating!

Mardi Gras Capitaine - Leader of Chaos

When disorder breaks out in business, and it’s not contained, it demonstrates poor leadership to employees and customers. Those types of business owners are un-masked and unable to hide from the cost that chaos brings. Our business mission is to teach and coach leaders of industry to STOP the chaos and help them become like the lead conductor over a "symphony of order."

Movie 'The Founder' – The McDonald's System

I’ve been encouraging business owners NOT to miss seeing the new movie, "The Founder." It’s the global success story about the McDonald’s system that set a giant precedent for franchise operations.

Alabama Football - Getting The Process Right

To be the best, or to compete at a high level in business, you need to be consistent and continually improve in every aspect of business. Like Alabama football, that means every practice, every play, every training session, and meeting — every time! NOTHING should be left to chance.