Patrick Henry

Patrick Henry

Patrick Henry a Senior Editor at NAPCO Media and writes for In-plant Graphics, Printing Impressions and packagePRINTING.

Printers Describe Their Short-Run Digital Successes

The eight printers spotlighted here have built a thriving trade around short-run digital printing. They all typify the maturing of short-run digital printing as a niche business, and their best practices in short-run production stand as models for success with it.

The Urge to Merge Is Still Strong

If you own a printing business, you should be in either a selling or a buying frame of mind - even if you have no present intention of doing either. These days, understanding M&A basics is smart thinking for every owner.

Ride the Convergence Wave

It’s a little hard to explain how, despite the many years I’ve spent covering print industry events, I never got around to attending an SGIA Expo until I took part in the one that ran in New Orleans last October. To state the obvious, I had no idea of what I was missing. Now I see that I’ve missed a lot - but in light of a major announcement made just before the show, I expect that gap in my knowledge to close very rapidly.

How Recent Reforms, Pending Legislation on Capitol Hill Impact the Industry

Few would deny that 2018 is shaping up to be a fraught and contentious year politically. But, it isn’t likely that political news of the headline-grabbing, “breaking” variety is going to have all that much to do with issues of primary concern to the printing industry. Those issues, nonetheless, are real, and the need for printers to understand and engage with them has seldom been more urgent.

Data Drives An All-Digital Press Conversion at Jet Mail Services

For a case study into how far embracing digital technology can take a printing company from a conventional beginning to an entirely new way of doing things, consider the story of Jet Mail Services in Hudson, Mass. Originally a lettershop, Jet Mail Services has grown organically and by acquisition into a $20 million company that employs 60 people.