John Foley Jr.

John Foley Jr.

John Foley Jr. is the CEO of interlinkONE and Grow Socially. John and his team help printers get on a strong path to marketing success. Their approach includes software solutions, consulting, Website development, marketing audits, and strategic marketing plans. interlinkONE’s software solutions for the print industry include their marketing automation platform, MAX, and ilinkONE V8. Learn more about MAX: Marketing Automation. Executed. by visiting, John at, and his companies at and

Can Inbound and Content Marketing Replace Your Sales Force?

Instead of seeing your marketing and sales departments as separate, it's time to realize that the two can offer each other valuable insight. Your marketing department understands your customers and can craft the content that will invite them to your digital doorstep.

Five Ways to Connect with Millennials Through Content

During a recent study targeting 501 millennials, it was found that nearly 62 percent feel that there is a direct correlation between content marketing and organization loyalty, but the problem is that they are not interested in the content they're receiving. Finding information that has a balance between intriguing both younger and older generations is difficult, but with the help from the following five suggestions, you will have a better understanding of connecting with both crowds.

Eight Ways to Show Customer Appreciation

Your company is good at pleasing its customers and giving them what they want. But, do you ever go out of your way to show a little extra appreciation? Take a moment to reflect on how important your clients are to your business. Now that the holidays are approaching, it’s the perfect time to focus on giving back.

10 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

It’s vital that your marketing is the best it can be. Here are ten marketing traps you need to avoid.

Creating Content That Keeps on Giving

Did you know that creating content can work wonders for lead generation? Your content can help keep your business alive with a steady stream of interested customers. If you're ready to create content that keeps on giving—giving you leads that is—follow these top four tips.

No Time to Create Original Content? Try Content Curation

Content curation is the gathering of content from around the Web for display on your own blog or social media profile. You might balk at this—after all, you don't want your business’s website to look like a news aggregator—but in fact, curation can be a valuable part of your content marketing strategy.