Dave Erlandson

Dave Erlandson

Dave Erlandson is the GM of Caslon & Co. One of Caslon’s primary activities is to serve as the North American Affiliate for PODi, the Digital Print Initiative. PODi is a leading industry initiative focused on developing the market for digital printing through education and standards activities. Other key activities include digital printing market analysis and sales training.

What's in Your Mailbox?

Direct mail pieces that are personalized are somewhat rare, but personalized direct mail pieces offer higher response rates.

Xeikon Brings Xeikon Café to North America

After holding the Xeikon Café in Europe for several years, Xeikon brought the event to North America this week in Chicago. All in all the Xeikon Café was a first class event that created real value for all who attended. While primarily a user conference, Xeikon took the opportunity to add in a press conference and provide new insight on their strategy and positioning.