Ynvisible Teams Up with L’Oreal on Printed-Electronic Perfume Selectors

LISBON, PORTUGAL—Feb. 24, 2012—Ynvisible and L’Oreal Luxe Division in Portugal have developed on-shelf, interactive perfume selection advisors that are in use in select major perfume shops. The innovative point-of-sale displays use a combination of effective printing and electronics solutions to direct the customer to the right choice of perfume, following a short quiz to identify the shopper’s preferences.


This is the first interactive display developed by Ynvisible to be commercially used in the retail environment.

According to Ynvisible’s CEO, Inês Henriques, “Ynvisible provides brand owners and retailers with printed interactive solutions that help improve consumers’ shopping experiences. By combining print and electronics, we are able to cost-effectively bring functionalities consumers enjoy in on-line shopping to the physical stores.”

According to Nuno Paiva Brandão, general Manager of L’Óreal Luxe Portugal, “Purchasing fragrances is an experience that involves multiple senses and is linked to personal lifestyle. With the wide range of options available, making a selection can be a challenge, especially if you are purchasing a perfume as a gift. Ynvisible’s solution is an original and amusing experience that leads to the ideal choice.”

About Ynvisible
Ynvisible develops and markets interactive solutions for everyday printed items. The company was founded in 2010 with the vision to bring everyday objects and surfaces to life, making them more useful and enjoyable to people. Ynvisible initially targets its solutions primarily for use by leading innovative marketers starting in select European and South American markets. The combined marketing media spend of the top 10 advertisers in Ynvisible’s primary target markets was a combined $15.3 billion USD in 2010. Ynvisible aims to take advantage of the strong ongoing shift in advertising spending toward more interactive solutions and new forms of consumer engaging marketing communication.

Source: Ynvisible.