Jostens Moving Production to Tennessee

MINNEAPOLIS—Jostens may not be taking the last train to Clarksville, but it is moving all production work there starting this summer. The company known for its print production of annuals—including high school yearbooks—along with class rings and other related products, will relocate production from Topeka, KS, to Clarksville, TN, beginning in July.

The move will impact 372 employees, according to the Topeka Capital-Journal. It will allow the company to take advantage of improved technologies, innovation and workflow efficiencies in Clarksville, a Jostens representative told the newspaper. The 372 jobs will be phased out over time. Jostens, a subsidiary of Visant Corp., will maintain a staff of 87 in Topeka to handle customer service, marketing and technical support.

It had been a year since Jostens cut 83 full-time and seasonal jobs in Topeka to coincide with shifting diploma cover production to a facility in Shelbyville, TN. Press and bindery operations will end in October, with digital operations expected to end by January.

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