xpedx’s Bulkley Dunton and Strategic Paper Group Businesses to Consolidate

NEW YORK—May 27, 2011—Bulkley Dunton and Strategic Paper Group, xpedx’s publishing businesses, have announced they will consolidate under the Bulkley Dunton brand. The consolidation supports xpedx’s strategy to align its resources for the benefit of its customers, suppliers and employees.

George Doehner, president of Bulkley Dunton, and Donald Heller, president of Strategic Paper Group and now senior executive vice presidents at Bulkley Dunton, will lead the combined organization, continuing to manage their respective sales teams as they have up to this point.

In a joint statement, Doehner and Heller said, “We have a deep commitment to our customers, suppliers and the publishing industry. We are focused on being the supplier of choice to our customers and distributor of choice to our suppliers. Our clients will enjoy improved access to the best manufacturers and will benefit from the opportunities we will gain from increased volume.”

“Our Bulkley Dunton and Strategic Paper Groups brands have unique strengths and provide specific expertise to the marketplace,” the execs added. “We believe that integrating our collective value to customers will benefit all stakeholders.”

Today, Bulkley Dunton and Strategic Paper Group have separate business headquarters, located across the street from each other in the Penn Plaza area in New York City. Soon these offices will begin merging into Bulkley Dunton’s headquarters at 250 W. 34th St., Suite 2814, New York, NY.

About Bulkley Dunton
Founded in 1833, the Bulkley Dunton Publishing Group is one of the oldest continuously operating companies in New York State. The company specializes in serving the needs of magazine, catalog and book publishers with a client base that includes major magazine publishers in New York, the top catalogers across the U.S., and nearly all major book publishers. Bulkley Dunton is a division of xpedx owned by International Paper. For more information, visit bulkleydunton.com.

About Strategic Paper Group
Founded in 1999 and joining xpedx as a division in 2007, the Strategic Paper Group is an innovative paper distribution company where practical expertise and outstanding service provide consistent advantages in an ever-evolving industry. The group has a proven track record of developing paper programs that help reduce costs and realize time efficiencies while meeting the environmental and aesthetic objectives of its clients. For more information, visit strategicpaper.com.

About xpedx
Cincinnati, Ohio-based xpedx, a business of International Paper (NYSE: IP), is one of the largest and premier distribution companies in North America. xpedx distributes a wide variety of print, packaging and facility solutions supplies and equipment to printers, manufacturers, retailers and commercial facilities from more than 200 locations across the U.S., Canada and Mexico. For more information about xpedx, its business segments and stewardship efforts visit xpedx.com.

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