xpedx and EPMS to Integrate Paper Sourcing into Print Management System

“With this new capability, I no longer have to stop what I’m doing, call the rep and explain the job I’m bidding on-‘is this paper available for delivery tomorrow and what’s the best price?'” added Ron Johnson, SOS’s financial manager. “Now, it’s all at my fingertips in our company’s computer system. And I’m able to get the estimate to the sales person in record time, which improves customer relationships.”

Dublin, CA-based AMP Printing, Inc., a 30-year-old large commercial sheetfed and grand-format printer with 80 employees, makes consumer and business-to-business marketing materials for clients across Northern California.

Owner Jeff Main, also said the xpedx-EPMS advance is vital to reducing touch on the print job and making print manufacturing as lean and efficient as possible. “With the paper procurement process now totally automated, we’re able to quickly and confidentially bid, price and deliver print jobs without fear of potentially delayed, outdated or inaccurate data about the supply we use most.”

Main said that the EPMS print management system has transformed his company’s operating efficiency and production capacity. The joint effort with xpedx is another example of how the two companies are focused on meeting the most important business needs of printers today with a flexible, innovative, user-friendly approach to information technology.

About EPMS
EPMS is a leading developer of print management systems for the printing and graphic arts industry. Founded in 1989, EPMS has provided MIS solutions to hundreds of North American commercial printing companies and in-plants, of all types and sizes. EPMS client companies range in size from small single plant commercial businesses to large multi-plant organizations. Enterprise 32, EPMS’ flagship product, is a fully integrated and modular MIS that provides software tools to manage the print process from electronic job submission through production and accounting. For more information on EPMS and Enterprise 32, visit the EPMS website at www.entpms.com.

About xpedx

xpedx, a business of International Paper (NYSE: IP), is one of the largest business-to-business distribution companies in North America. xpedx distributes a wide variety of printing papers, graphics, packaging and janitorial-sanitary maintenance supplies and equipment to printers, manufacturers, retailers and high-traffic facilities from more than 230 locations across the U.S., Canada and Mexico. It is the master distributor of Ryobi presses and peripherals in the U.S. and Canada. xpedx posted $1.7 billion in e-commerce sales in 2008, with approximately 1 million orders placed by more than 26,000 xpedx customers. For more information visit xpedx.com.

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