xpedx and EPMS to Integrate Paper Sourcing into Print Management System

CINCINNATI—Aug. 19, 2009—xpedx and Enterprise Print Management Solutions (EPMS) have developed the first-ever integration of real-time paper inventory and customer pricing in a print management system.

The new service, available starting October 1 in the update of EPMS Enterprise 32, creates an electronic link of the entire xpedx paper inventory and customer pricing within the printer’s information system. This lets them immediately determine paper stock availability and pricing.

xpedx is the largest North American distributor of printing papers and graphics supplies and equipment. Middleboro, MA-based EPMS is one of the largest U.S. developers and marketers of information systems for printers.

“This technology advance is important for printers and their business,” said David Wallace, director of customer service and eBusiness for xpedx. “Real-time access to paper inventory and pricing in a printer’s main operating software gives them essential insight on a supply that typically is their biggest single expense.”

“Printers can get an up-to-the-moment view of xpedx inventory status, together with their specific pricing, and place an order directly from within the management system,” said Carol Andersen, chairman of EPMS. “The time and cost savings benefits to the printing company are potentially quite large. Job planning, critical decision making and workflow are all significantly streamlined.”

Two California printers report strong success in early capabilities testing

xpedx and EPMS increasingly have heard from printers across the U.S. that access to real-time paper inventory and customer pricing via print management systems is a must in today’s competitive, time-sensitive bidding environment. They also said it would substantially reduce error margins in print scheduling and production.

SOS Printing, Inc., San Diego, is an offset and digital sheetfed and web printer with 37 employees. It is among the companies that test-drove the new EPMS system featuring integrated real-time data from xpedx.

“Turnarounds are so critical today that if we miss having real time, full certainty on a paper’s availability for order, for even half a business day, it plays havoc with our schedule,” said Brad Reimers, owner of SOS Printing. “Having accurate paper availability and pricing information makes the difference between smooth and calm production and increased stress of having to look for new solutions to solve an unexpected supply problem. It is another step in becoming a leaner manufacturer.”

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