Xingraphics Prevails Again in Dutch Patent Case Brought by Agfa

The court ordered Agfa to pay Xingraphics an amount of € 120,000 in legal costs.

“Today’s judgment once again confirms our position that our technology is unique and in no way infringes Agfa’s technology,” said Safwen Hijazi, Xingraphics Corporate Vice President. “The court has dismissed Agfa’s claim once again which build even greater confidence towards Xingraphics by our customers, existing partners and potential partners who want to continue to access Xingraphics thermal technology which simply gives them a true high quality alternative to existing technology in the global market. I again want to emphasize that the industry deserves to have access to an alternative thermal CtP plate technology that is of equal to or higher quality than from our competitors without being threatened to make that choice” We have full trust and confidence with our Dutch team of lawyers and their international partners who work tirelessly in presenting legal and technical facts that again convinced the Dutch Court of Xingraphics’ position.”

“As Intellectual Property rights owners, Xingraphics respects such rights but we will vigorously defend our position when allegations are unfairly aimed at us”.

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